Surrender to your future self

Just like Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs behind for them to find their way our future self is leaving us a trail to follow to our next version of self

Just like Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs behind for them to find their way, our future self is leaving us a trail to follow to where we are supposed to be going. Always along the path of unfolding. All we need to do is get our little self out of the way and surrender to this inner guidance.

Our future self is with us always

We are all here for two reasons – to know God and to express God; that’s it.

Knowing God means that we come into closer realization of that which is True and Real. Beyond the egoic illusion of fear, worry, doubt, lack and separation.

Expressing God means that we surrender to and allow for new, grander and greater versions of ourselves to continuously emerge.

In and through as.

Versions where we become more loving, giving and compassionate.

New versions where we allow our gifts, talents, and abilities to be cultivated and expressed. In ways greater and grander than ever before.

It is all about allowing the smaller to die, and for the greater to emerge.

Make yourself open and available for guidance

In the infinite mind of God there is no such thing as time. Everything already exists and so time is only an illusion.

Time is something us humans invented to log and keep track of experiences. This means that your future selves already exist – as potential.

These, the greater and grander versions of ourselves, are continuously guiding us along the path to our highest, greatest and grandest version.

If only we surrender to it.

Now guidance may come in many forms.

The still small voice (the intuition) communicates in various ways; as inner images, as an inner knowing, as an inner sound, as other people, as external events.

Some people are tuned in primarily to one way. Others are available to receive guidance through several channels.

Whether we receive it through one of several ways is of no importance.

The important thing is that we are open and available that we may catch and receive it period.

So how do we make ourselves open, available and receptive to this guidance?

How do we surrender to this inner guidance, that we may consciously keep moving along the path of unfolding?

Just like a radio that needs to be tuned in to a certain frequency in order to receive a particular station, we need to tune into (form the habit of becoming still and listen within) to the frequency of guidance.

Become still and seek the Holy Now on a regular and consistent basis

It is only as we allow ourselves to become still enough that we may catch the guidance as it comes to us.

This means moving out of time. It means going beyond the incessant stream of mental noise that is constantly competing for our attention.

It calls for us to, through the means of desire, intention and willingness regularly and consistently anchor ourselves in the Holy Now.

As we formulate an intention to become more open, available and receptive.

And by making ourselves willing to do that which we need to do in order to become more open, available and receptive – we tune ourselves into greater receivers of guidance.

This is how we surrender. That we may allow for the next great version to come forth.

It is all about seeking to consciously going online with God on a regular and consistent basis. This is spiritual practice.

A good place to start is by ask questions. Questions such as: “what would you have me do today?” and  “What is trying to emerge through me right now?”

Gratitude is a major key

Another great doorway into the Holy Now is seeking the vibration of gratitude.

By stopping and giving thanks for all the good that we have in life, we transcend time.

Maybe we give thanks for who and where we are. It may be that we find ourselves in a challenge, and so we stop to bless that mess – in the full knowing that it is working for our good.

Gratitude is not only a great way to anchor oneself in the Holy Now.

It is also a means to elevate our vibration that we become increasingly open and available for more good to flow into our lives. As decreed by the sacred laws governing our universe.

That good will move us further along the path of breadcrumbs placed by our future selves.

Surrender to your future self

Surrender, does not mean acquiescing to a God or a deity outside of us.

God is not out there but in all. Truly there is no spot where God is not.

God is everywhere, always in full never in part, always present never in absence.

In other words, we never have to worry about relinquishing our power to some external presence, that we may be at it’s mercy.

Surrender simply means to release all of our resistance.

It means that we get out of the way, that that which is eternally seeking to emerge from within us, may emerge. May come forth.

This is what unfolding means. Unfolding does not mean that we add anything onto us, that we become more.

It simply means that we allow for something that is already within us to come forth.

Sort of like the oak tree emerges from the acorn. The oak tree is coming from within the acorn.

Its potential is within the acorn at all times. Nothing, other than proper conditions, is needed for the oak tree to emerge. Nothing needs to be added.

However, there is no resistance within the acorn. No holding on to past version, stories nor labels.

The acorn is fully surrendered to its particular path of unfolding.

With us humans on the other hand, we oftentimes hold on to stories or labels, that we believe serve us.

Victim stories, stories about why we will never make it, why we are not worthy enough. And so forth.

Let go of that which no longer serves you

It has been said that 100 % of all awakening and unfolding is about releasing and letting go, of that which no longer serves us.

This means letting go of all the small and limiting beliefs, points of view, opinions, perceptions and perspectives that we may hold on to.

Consciously or unconsciously.

This is what the path of unfolding is all about; releasing the old that the new may emerge.

Releasing the small and limited that the grander and greater may come forth.

It truly take courage to walk along the path of unfolding. Actually it takes more courage than the average individual is able to muster.

All along this path of awakening we must release and let go of the old, that the new may emerge.

That our Future self may guide us forward. That we may see the world through the eyes of God.

We are called to turn our attention away from the world that we may become open, available and receptive to the guidance given by our future self and the still small voice within us.

Your future self is working for our good

As we increase our aptitude to receive guidance we then need to be willing to walk in the direction of the guidance.

God is always for as, never against us.

All that we encounter is uniquely designed to assist us in our growth and unfoldment.

And so it is well to remember that all of spiritual growth is about letting go.

Letting go of the lesser for the greater. Letting go of that which inhibits us. Of that which is holding us back.

In order for a new greater and grander version of ourselves to emerge.

So we invite you to start looking for those breadcrumbs left there by your future self.

Look for them and make yourself willing to follow them along the path of unfolding.

They will lead you to places of sheer magic.


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