Your dream is a Divine seed planted within you

Your dream is a seed planted within you, by God. A seed that just like any seed has a life of its own. Your only job is to welcome it to grow and to expand.

Whatever you dream of, whatever your vision is – know that it is a seed planted within you by the infinite mind of God. A seed that has a life of its own. From the moment you said yes to that dream, that vision – your only job is to allow it to come forth. You don’t have to make it happen, but simply allow it to happen.

Coming into greater realization

Oftentimes, in the beginning stages of the awakening, the awakening individual experiences doubt as to the validity of their desires.

“Is my desire of the heart or of the ego?” is a question commonly asked in these beginning stages.

Perhaps you have asked yourself that question? Perhaps you are asking yourself that question?

You may have come to realize that the ego is projecting its small and immature wants and needs upon you and your life.

Perhaps you have also come to realize that many individuals get stuck at that level of wanting.

Competition, hoarding, incessant wanting is the order of their days. They are not following their hearts, but their egos.

And so, initially, when you have come to a level of understanding about the sacred laws and about Divine Creativity, doubts may arise whether our desires are from the heart or the ego, how to know the difference and whether we are in alignment or contradiction with God.

Distinguishing between the ego and the heart

First of all, when you have a desire with an attachment to the outcome or a particular result, that is from the ego.

The ego is bound by time, outcomes, and results. It needs to know that it will get what it wants, or it will project doubts and fears and worries upon your life.

The heart, on the other hand, has no such doubts and fears, as the heart knows that there is nothing to fear.

It knows the nature of God and nature of manifestation, and so, it knows that God is always for you, eternally seeking to give you all the good of God.

And even more, the heart knows that there is no difference between its desires and God’s will.

They are one and the same. In other words, there is always a vibrational match and alignment with the desires of our hearts and the will of God.

What is the will of God?

The will of God is for greater expression of all of Life, and Life is just another word for God. They are one and the same.

And so, as the will of God is always for greater and grander expression of all of Life, the will of God ultimately is that God itself may come into forever greater and grander expression.

That is what God desires for itself. As God is fully present everywhere, never in absence, thus right where you and all other beings are, that is what God desires for you as well.

That you may continuously venture into the unknown, releasing more and more of Life energy. Going where no one has ever gone before, doing what never has done before.

That is why you have come here to this planet.

Your dream is a seed planted within you by God

And so, whenever you catch a dream or a vision for your life – it is not your dream or vision. You have simply caught from the mind of God.

And although your destiny is not yet determined, God does have a Highest vision for us and our lives.

In other words, regardless of where you are, you are not bogged down. It is not your lot in life to struggle. It is not your lot to simply survive.

You have come here to do great and mighty things.

And so as you learn to become still and catch the sweet whisperings of the still small voice, making yourself increasingly open, available, and receptive to guidance – you begin to catch bits and pieces of that Highest vision.

You may perceive the vision to be your vision. However, it is not. It is God’s vision for you.

Please be aware that none of your dreams and visions are of your own making. Please do not take personal credit for catching your dreams and visions.

Your dream is a seed, planted within you by God. A seed with a life of its own.

Just like any other seed has a life of its own, so does your dream and vision have a life of its own.

It has been planted there, that it may come through into this dimension by the means of you.

God has chosen you to be the vehicle through which that which is seeking to come into a physical form may emerge.

Just like a seed, your dream has a life of its own

Now this seed, this dream that has been planted within you – it has a life of its own. Inherently within the seed, there is the full potential of its greatest expression.

Just like the full-grown oaktree is within the acorn. The acorn does not need to add anything onto it to become the tree.

Just like the butterfly is inherently within the caterpillar. Just like the rose is inherently within the rose seed. And so on, so on.

What the acorn, and the rose seed, and the caterpillar need is the proper environment that it may flourish. That it may transform from into its greatest and grandest expression.

But when those conditions are met, they do not need anything else from outside of themselves.

This is so with your dream as well. It has been planted within you. It has a life of its own, and it intrinsically carries the full potential of its greatest expression.

You don’t have to make your dream manifest – only allow it to manifest

In other words, as you catch your dream, you don’t have to make it manifest. You don’t have to reach out into the world to pull stuff to you in order for manifestation to take place.

God and the sacred laws will handle the manifestation for you. They will orchestrate, design and move people, and events around that your dream may manifest. In due time.

Your job is to cultivate your inner environment. Making sure that it as hospitable as possible for your dream to flourish.

In other words, you have not come here to make your dream come into manifestation. But your only job is to allow it, to welcome it, into fruition.

Just like the gardener tends to soil and environment of a seed, clearing out weeds and that which does not belong next to the seed – so is your job to make sure that your inner reality is the most fertile and nurturing for the dream-seed that has been planted within you.

Surrender to it, give it permission to come through you. Yield to it. Allow it to become.

You don’t have to seek to force, or manipulate, or compete, or control your dreams unfolding. No more so than the gardener needs to force, or manipulate, or control the seed in the soil.

As long as you do your part (vibrationally), it will come forth.

It is all about vibrational alignment

This is all about vibrational alignment. That is, you need to vibrationally align yourself with the manifestation of your dream.

In other words, you need to feel it done – even before it has emerged into this physical dimension.

You need to think, speak, and act in alignment with your dream. Feel it done because in the mind of God, it is. The moment you said Yes to your dream, it was given to you.

From the moment you say YES, your dream is in active transition from the invisible into the visible realm.

Allow it to come forth by taking on the feeling tone of having already received it. What you feel is your most powerful vibrational instrument.

And so as long as you keep feeling that you have already received it, the sacred laws will continue to find the most convenient way for your dream to manifest.

Whenever and wherever there is vibrational alignment – manifestation must occur. That is so by law.

Let go of your fears and doubts

In other words, you need to find a way to bracket all of your fears, doubts, and worries where manifestation is concerned.

They are like filters preventing your dream-seed from coming into full bloom. They create vibrational hindrances and blockages that the seed cannot push through.

You need always to remember that in the infinite mind of God, the manifestation is already done. It is complete.

And so you need to learn to place more of your trust in God than in the ego. More trust in Love than in fear.

And more trust in that which is True and Real than in that which appears to be.

Be always aware that, that which is at the surface at this moment is nothing but the manifestation of your previous vibrations.

In other words, that which you have thought and felt in the past, is what now is appearing as manifestation.

As you shift your vibrational message, that which is on the surface will change.

Stop giving your present circumstances permission to run you. To control you. Look above and beyond your present circumstances and conditions. Don’t let them bog you down.

Because whatever your circumstances are right now, they cannot prevent the manifestation of your dream, unless you let them.

Unless you, by holding on to your fears and doubts where the manifestation is concerned, give them permission to check the manifestation.

When there is vibrational alignment, nothing can stop manifestation from occuring.

And so, whenever you become aware of fear or doubt within you – take a couple of deep conscious breaths and remind yourself that you don’t need to heed your fears and doubts.

Allow yourself to come back to the nowness of this moment – where the ego has no sway over you.

Give yourself permission to break free from the shackles of time. You are not bound by time. Time is only an illusion. There is now past, there is no future. There is only now. This moment.

It is fully possible to be aware of them and yet not be controlled by them. Run by them.

Do something every day that moved you in the direction of your dream.

You need to engage yourself in inspired action to fully welcome your dream into this dimension.

Action is vital. It is essential. Unless you act upon your dream, move in the direction of it, it will not manifest.

Having a dream or a vision without action on your part is simply having a fantasy.

You need to do something every day that moves you closer to your vision. It doesn’t have to be big action all of the time.

Sometimes simply stopping and contemplating, meditating, praying for your dream is enough. Giving thanks for it.

But it is essential that you, every day, engage yourself in your dream, that the seed that it is may be nourished and flourish.

Make sure, though, that whatever action you take is not arising from fear or doubt. Remember, you are not here to make the manifestation of your dream happen. But your job is to allow it to happen, to welcome it to happen in and through you.

In other words, there is no need to rush or haste. There is no need to seek to compete with others. They have their own seed within them. A seed that will not manifest in the same way as yours.

And so in Divine creativity, there is no such thing as competition. Resources are not limited. There is no lack and scarcity, other than as egoic projections upon the world.

As long as you, confidently, move in the direction of your dream, it will manifest. In due time.

Saying yes to your dream

There is one more thing you need to be aware of. When you say yes to your dream; that is – that moment when you say, “I am going for it – no more daydreaming, I am going to make this happen“, what you are also saying yes to is your own growth and expansion.

Many individuals want to change their circumstances, change the world, but they want to remain the same.

This is not possible. As everything is radiated from within you, as vibration is cause and manifestation is effect, as form always follows consciousness – you cannot change anything in your life without first making the inner changes necessary.

In other words, as your dream or vision begins to take shape in your physical world – you need to grow with it.

You are the space, the soil, in which this seed will shoot roots and grow. And as the seed grows larger, the space needs to expand.

In other words, you are called to grow and unfold to match the emerging seed, the expanding manifestation of the dream or vision.

If we remain the same, the space we hold will be too small for the seed to emerge, and it won’t be able to come through.

And so, you will be faced with experiences that call forth this unfolding and expansion within you.

God will not ever test your worthiness, but God will seek to prepare you. You will be pulled, nudged, and sometimes pushed to leave the small and limited behind. That the expanded may emerge.

That the seed may have enough space to emerge through. This is what you signed up for when you said yes to your dream.

This means that you may not always get exactly what you want, but you will always get exactly what you need – to keep growing, to keep expanding.

Give thanks – perpetually

We need to cherish it, give thanks for it, and feel that even at this moment, it is unfolding, beautifully, perfectly.

It is done, yet still in active transition from the invisible to the visible, and will continue to transition and unfold as long as we give it vibrational permission to do so.

You are always provided for. All of your needs are met.

In each and every moment you have all that you need, your dream has all that it needs to take the next step. To move to the next level of growth, unfolding, expansion, and expression.

Give thanks for that.

Allow the feeling tone of gratitude to move you into higher and higher levels of vibration.

Truly everything is working for your good. Everything is working for the good of your dream. If you only see it.

Give thanks for all the experiences, all the lessons that flow into your life because you said yes to your dream. Be grateful for how you are being transformed because you said yes to your vision.

Give thanks for your dream, fully knowing that it is done. Fully knowing that it has already been granted. It has already been given to you.

Now, receive it.

Breathe and receive it. Breathe and Give thanks.


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