You are here to express God – that is your purpose


Your purpose is quite simple

Our purpose here on this planet is quite simple really – we are here to know God and to express God. That’s it. We may use different words, many or the few to describe this purpose but it all boils down to this.

What does it mean to express God? Being that we all are unique perfect expressions of God they way we go about expressing God is different for each and every one of us, but in essence; expressing God is to express ourselves to the fullest. To express God is to allow for ourselves to come into the grandest and greatest expression we possibly can. This means to discover, cultivate and share our gifts, talents and abilities with the world.

Just like a flower is here to allow for itself to come into the most beautiful bloom, and an apple tree here to produce beautiful flowers and magnificent apples and they both have this inherent urge regardless of outer circumstances. They do not hesitate whether they have a large audience or no one is watching at all. They are in total alignment with their purpose and with humble determination they set out to realize it.

Release your intrinsic gifts, talents and abilities

We all have gifts, talents and abilities within, They may be latent or undeveloped but we all have them, and that is why we are here. Many people live with the misconception that they are here to get. Get more prestige, more love, more money or whatever the case may be. This is an egoic illusion. We are not here to get, we are here to give and to share. Of ourselves, our time, our love, our abilities, our resources – of all that we, as individuals, have to give. The thing is, we always have something to give. It may not be money, it may not be material resources, but we always have ourselves to offer, that which is inherent within us.

Love may be described as giving without agenda, that is, giving without any sense of withhold, without asking for anything in return. The path of growth and unfolding that we are all treading, whether we are conscious of it or not, calls upon us to explore and share our gifts.

It is God‘s deepest desire that all of us come into greater and greater expressions of our unique souls. Allowing ourselves to come into this greater and grander expression allows for God  to also come into a greater and grander expression since God comes into expression in and as the lives of all her creations.

Align yourself with the evolutionary impulse

There is an evolutionary impulse governing us – calling us to come into a forever greater and grander expression of ourselves. All of life is forever for greater life. This goes for all of us to. So, we invite you to turn within, ask yourself “How can I give”. Ask the question and activate your deep listening, the kind of open and receptive listening to the still small voice within. Ask the question and prepare yourself to receive the answer.

No matter where in your own unfolding you have come, this question opens up new doors of awareness, that you may go forth into fuller expression, thus realizing your purpose for incarnating here upon earth.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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