You are always provided for

There is no lack, there in only abundance. You are always abundantly provided for - if you only allow it

In each moment God is with you. In each and every moment you have more than you need (which is not saying that you always have all you want). This is so always, even when perhaps you are having an experience of lack and scarcity. There is only abundance. You are always abundantly provided for – if you only will allow it.

Are you having an experience of lack and scarcity?

Are you, in this moment experiencing lack and scarcity? Do you feel that you don’t have enough? Does it look on the surface as there is not enough?

Do you feel afraid of not making it? Are you worried that you will run out of the little that you seem to have? Are you experiencing doubt that whatever you feel bogged down in, will not resolve?

Know that all of these perceptions are born of the ego. They are all born from a small and limited perception of lack and scarcity.

Of the inability to see and more importantly feel that you are always abundantly provided for.

God never denies you anything

Whenever you are having an experience of lack, it is not because God is denying you anything. Nor is it because God does not see you worthy of having it all, or that God seeks to punish you for past mistakes.

In other words, it is not your lot in life to live in lack and scarcity. That is not what God has intended for you. Nor is it what God wants for you.

The nature of God is abundance. And God is more eager to share that abundance with you than you are to get it.

It is not God’s wish that you should struggle, toil and sweat just to make it through the day.

God is not vindictive or demanding. There is never a point where God deems you less worthy or more worthy. God knows you as who you truly are and is always seeking to abundantly provide for you.

The real question is how do you know yourself? How much are you allowing yourself to be provided for? How much are you giving yourself permission to have all of your needs met?

That is the real question. That is really the only question.

How do you know yourself?

If you are having an experience of lack and scarcity, know that it is not God that has given you this lot.

Your experience is called forth from within you. It has been radiated from the depths of your consciousness.

As per the Divine order that permeates the Universe. Truly nothing comes into your experience uninvited.

The sacred laws are as immutable as they are impersonal. All they ever care about is the vibration you offer, your feeling tone.

Form always follows consciousness. There is only order in the cosmos. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. And so whatever is alive and active within you, will take form as your experience.

God knows you as the Divine being that you are, but the sacred laws know you as you know yourself.

And so, you never have to beg or beseech God to give you anything. But only do the inner work necessary that you may allow yourself to receive that which God is perennially seeking to give.

It all comes down to what you see and feel yourself worthy of.

What are you worthy of?

What do you feel yourself to be worthy of? And what do you feel is possible for you to have? Because as much as thoughts are creative agents, it is truly what you feel that is what you pray for.

What you chronically feel is your strongest prayer. What are you fervently talking about, to yourself and others?

Being abundantly provided for has nothing to do with God choosing or not choosing to favor you. But it has all to do with what you give yourself permission to have. It is all about what you feel yourself worthy of.

Allowing truly is the tricky part in receiving.

Are you worthy of living the good life? Worthy of not having to struggle to just to make it through the day?

As a spiritual being, this is why you have come here. To develop and cultivate a higher and higher level of self Love and self worth.

That you may turn your attention away from merely surviving to giving and sharing and radiating more and more good.

Ultimately this is why you pray, this is why you meditate, and why you have all the spiritual practice that you have. Such as visioning.

The will of God

This is what the will of God is.

The will of God is for you to forever come into greater and grander expression of yourself.

In other words, the will of God is for you to continuously and eternally release the small and limited that the new and expanded may come forth in and through you. That means abundance, prosperity, beauty, creativity, Divine health and wholeness.

This is the will of God. That you may allow for greater and grander versions of yourself to emerge. Including greater awareness of who and what you are, that you are always abundantly provided for.

That all of your needs are met – always and forever.

You have not come here to get anything from the world, because the world truly has nothing of true and lasting value to give you.

All has already been given you. Now it is up to you to use it, to utilize it that you may call it forth. Only you are not calling it forth from the world, but from within you.

Right where you are, there is abundance and only abundance. Right where you are there is dynamic and perfect health – and only that.

Perhaps you can’t see it. Maybe you cannot feel it, but nonetheless, it is there. It always has been. It always will be.

God is perpetually providing for all or your needs. Making sure that you, in each and every moment have all you need.

And so, it all comes down to you, releasing and letting go of that which keeps that which God is seeking to give from reaching you.

You are always abundantly provided for

It has been said that 100% of all spiritual growth and unfolding is about releasing and letting go. Releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us.

In other words the small and the limited perceptions, opinions, points of view that the ego constantly projects upon your life.

It means releasing and letting go of the fear, the worry and the doubt that you may allow the good of God to flow into your life. In ways beyond anything you can imagine.

And so, in this moment, choose to trust God more than the fear and the worry. Choose to trust Life more than the ego. Abundance more than lack and scarcity.

Choose to trust that you are abundantly provided for. That God is always for you, never against you.

It does not matter what you may have experienced in the past. Right in this moment you get to choose again. Let go of the past. Release the small and limited.

Feel that you are provided for, that all of your needs are met in this moment.

Feeling it before you can see it, is the right use of the sacred laws. Waiting to feel it until you can see it, is putting the cart before the horse.

Come back to this moment and feel it done

And so, what we are really talking about here, is stepping out of time.

Most people are bound by time. They dwell upon what happened yesterday, they worry about what may happen tomorrow.

Some turn their attention, not to the nowness of this moment but their present experiences and circumstances. Which are nothing but an appearance.

Time, as much as an illusion as it is, is a prison. When you are trapped in time you are bound by your past experiences or future worries.

As long as you are imprisoned by the shackles of the past, the present or the future, your sight will be small, limited and myopic.

The answer? Step out of time. Come back to the nowness of this moment. Allow the good that is always present to overflow you.

Open yourself to all the blessings and gifts that are eternally flowing in to your life.

Use the breathing to anchor yourself in the Holy Now

Take a deep and conscious breath, exhale with the sound of Ahh. Let your body relax. Now take another deep breathe and exhale with the sound of Ahh.

Feel that you, in this very moment have all that you need. Feel that you, in this moment, are abundantly provided for.

Take on the feeling tone that there is only abundance and that God is forever for you.

Allow the Holy Now to move you deep into Heaven. Because the Holy Now, the nowness of this moment, truly is the doorway to the dimension of ever expanding good.

Make use of the moments in between to do this. If you are under the aegis of lack and scarcity you have to take back your mind.

The ego will fight you on this. It will throw all it has got against you, to make you not break free from its grip. You have to win the argument against the ego. You must.

Use every moment to seek to see the world through the eyes of God until that is all that you see.

Feel it done, because in the infinite mind of God it already is. God has already given abundance to you – now it is up to you to receive it.

Now, give thanks for it as though you have already received it

Now, as you have come back to the nowness of this moment. As you have taken on the feeling tone of being provided for, having all of your needs met and that it is done – that it is so.

Now take on the feeling tone of gratitude for this being so. Give thanks for it.

Give thanks for all the good you have in life; for the abundance you enjoy, for the breaths that you can take, for the gifts you have been given and all the opportunities for you to share them.

Feel it. Feel it.

Take on the feeling tone of Gratitude for the goodness of God.

Stay in the nowness of this moment and allow gratitude to take you over. Feel it wash over you, feel it arise from within you.

Whatever you have to do to feel it – do it.

Gratitude is the vibrational key that really sets the sacred laws working on your behalf.

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter what may happen tomorrow. Use this moment to vibrationally align with abundance, with being provided for, with having all of your needs met.

Where there is continuous vibrational alignment, nothing can stop manifestation from taking place. Nothing.

Manifestation is not a future thing but a Now thing

And while you, using your breathing, anchor yourself in the nowness of this moment. While you take on the feeling tone of gratitude – know that manifestation is never a future thing but always a now thing.

Manifestation is not something that happens in the future but it is something that is always happening. In this very moment, by your coming back to the Holy Now, by your feeling grateful and appreciative – you are evoking the sacred laws.

And know, that they don’t wait to get to work. But the instantly begin to shift and move things, people and events around that your vibrational prayer may be answered.

In other words, it is happening now. In this moment.

Know it. Feel it. Allow it to be.


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