You are a unique Divine Creator- short video

Becoming a Divine Creator is aligning our vibration with the law of attraction and the sacred laws that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity

We invite you to enjoy this short video about you being a unique Divine Creator. The beautiful music is by Bernward Koch. It is used by permission of Real Music®.

Each of us are inherently a unique Divine Creator.

What that means is that we have come here to allow the Love, the beauty and the the Light that is our true nature to come forth. In and through us. In and through our lives.

Being a unique Divine Creator means to work in conscious alignment with the sacred laws that govern the cosmos.

We have not come here to simply settle for what appears to have been given us.

Nor have we come here to adapt to circumstances. But we have come here to allow that which our heart’s desire to come forth.

To come into manifestation, regardless of appearances. Regardless of circumstances.

God is forever for each of us, never against any of us. The will of God is that each of us, eternally come into forever greater and grander expression.

That we will release more and more of the life energy that is the essence of who and what we are.

This is what this video is about. Hope you will enjoy it.


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