You are a spiritual being (NOT) having a human experience

This post is to help shed some alternative perspective on the much used phrase: you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You are not your body

How easy it is to think of one self as a body, or that is our thoughts that define you. You, however, are not your bodies, you are not your thoughts, nor are you your emotions. You are the experiencer of these.

To be experiencing something means to be more or less conscious of it. Pure consciousness is the very nature of God and since God is all, is in all and is everywhere we are all pure consciousness. In other words, you are a spiritual being of Love & Light, one with God, part of the Divine Whole (although God can never divide herself into parts).

You have the gift of independent thought

You inherently have the Divine gift of independent thinking, which literally means that you, independently of any circumstance can choose to think whatever you want to think.

This means that you don’t have to succumb to popular trends or opinions, you don’t have to just simply go with the flow and react to circumstances like most other humans do.

Most humans rarely utilize this gift (which in essence is why we are made in the image and likeness of God). They simply allow circumstances to pull them into mental and emotional reactions.

Being a such a reactionary is the human experience. The human experience is an insane condition, it is an experience of lack and separation, where fear, worry and doubt is running amok.

Rise above the egoic reaction

You are a spiritual being, but you are not here to partake in that human experience. As the spiritual being that you are, with the ability to think and respond to any situation, you are here to create your own unique and divine experience as is the deepest desire of God.

As a spiritual being (not only a human being) you have the ability to go beyond, to transcend any condition, situation or circumstance. You don’t need to turn your attention to the bad things and negativity we are literally bombarded with every day.

In fact, you don’t have to attach yourself to much at all that is in your environment. Turn, instead your attention within, to the still small voice, choose to dive deep into the infinite field of possibilities, and all the blessings that you have in life all the time.

Choose your own experience

Now, you may be asking – why is this important? Isn’t this just a play with words? Well, it may seem like it, but remember that you are a vibrational spiritual being; all is energy and energy has different frequencies or vibrations.

Even your thoughts are units of mental energy and your words are creative in nature, meaning that what comes out of your mouth on a regular basis will manifest itself as your future experience.

So, it is well to give heed to what we are thinking about since that which we are thinking about are calling it forward. It is time for us to wake up and start thinking about what we are thinking about.

We don’t want to call forth more of the insanity that is the human experience. We want to call forth the heavenly realm of prosperity, health, abundance, love, joy, freedom, and harmony, that comes from being more and more conscious of our own thoughts and words.

We want to continuously ascend to higher and higher frequencies. Through giving thanks and appreciation for all that we encounter.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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