What you feel is your most powerful prayer

Do you pray? Do you know that humans, by nature are prayerful beings? As a vibrational being, what you feel the most is your most powerful prayer.

Do you pray? Whenever the need arises, or on a regular basis? Do you know that humans, by nature are prayerful beings? As a vibrational being, what you feel the most is your most powerful prayer. Even when you are not aware that you are praying.

You are a vibrational being

You live in a vibrational universe. A universe communicating through the means of energetic vibrations.

In all of the cosmos, there is only perfect order. A divine order. All fall under this order – even God and the sacred laws.

Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. That, pretty much sums up the whole creative process.

Thus you are a vibrational being. Emitting and communicating through the means of vibrations all of the time.

You may or may not have heard the statement that everything comes out of nothing. That everything starts in thought. Buddha supposedly said that we become what we think.

All your thoughts are units of mental energy, penetrating all time and space. It is the starting point for all Divine creation.

And so, every day, all day long, as you think you are sending vibrational messages out into space where the sacred laws pick them up.

That they may reflect and mirror back the coagulated manifestation of those thoughts.

This is why you pray. To focus your attention to a particular result or outcome. That it may come forth into your experience.

Words don’t mean a thing unless you feel it

However, as much as you may pray. As powerful as you may think your prayers to be.

Parroting strings of words, without backing them up with a strong feeling tone – is like sending random letters in a text to a friend.

And hoping that the friend will make something comprehensible out of them.

Your words, as praying as they may be, don’t mean a thing unless you feel what you say.

If you are praying for abundance, for instance, you need to feel it done if abundance is to manifest in your life.

It won’t do you much good if you affirmatively pray for abundance for 2 minutes a day, and the rest of the time walk around being afraid of lack and not-enoughness.

Nor will it do you much good if you pray for love, but carry the feeling tone of hatred or animosity around with you all day.

Your feeling tone is your most powerful prayer

True, words are prayer. They help you focus your attention toward a particular outcome.

But empty words – words with no corresponding feeling behind them – are just that. Empty.

The most powerful prayer you will ever utter, is your feeling tone.

It is the feeling tone of gratitude, of knowing that it is already done – that truly turns your ordinary prayers into powerful prayers allowing the sacred laws to work for you. Rather than against you.

This is what sacred manifestation is about. This is what vibrational alignment is all about.

Affirmative prayer points out the direction, but it is the feeling that drives the point home and delivers the message for the sacred laws to pick up.

The two need to be aligned. They need to be a match.

If you pray for one thing but feel another way, it is what you feel that will manifest into your experience.

Your feelings are your most powerful prayers. Regardless of what it is you feel.

In other words, you have to feel it. You have to feel it.

Feel that it is done

Whatever it is you are praying for, in the infinite and loving mind of God, it is done.

The moment you asked for it, it was done.

God is forever for you, never ever against you. God is forever seeking to give you all the good that you desire. And more.

However, asking is the easy part. Praying is easy. Anybody can pray.

It is the receiving that is the tricky part. That is what is hard. Too hard for most.

Receiving comes down to making that which you are praying for welcome to come forth into you life.

You have to feel that it is already done. It is that feeling tone that is your most powerful prayer.

Pray, believing that ye have already received it, said Jesus. This is real prayer.

You need to know that whatever it is you are praying for has already been given you and is now in active transition from the invisible to the visible. As long as you are in vibrational alignment.

Being in vibrational alignment is that you feel the truth of it. Regardless of circumstances. No matter what appears to be.

Feel, it done, know it done, and it will be done – for you to see.

Bracket your fears and worries

In other words, you need to find a way to win over the ego and its projections of fear, worry, and doubt. You have to find a way to not let fear run you.

It is perfectly alright to experience fear but still choose not to choose from it. It is perfectly alright to have an experience of intense fear and yet be guided by the good that you know.

Giving in to fear is prayer too. Whenever you are acting from fear, choosing from fear you are sending a very powerful prayer to the sacred laws.

A prayer of lack, limitation, not-enoughness.

That is what the sacred laws pick up, that is what they will give you back.

You have to win the fight against the ego, against fear.

Whenever you experience fear, embrace and allow it to be, but do not act from it. Do not choose from it.

If the fear is so intense that you don’t know what to do – don’t do anything. Whatever you do, do not act from fear.

Fall back into affirmative prayer, and meditation. But don’t act from fear.

Fear is a powerful prayer, affirming and calling forth the very thing you are afraid of.

As a Divine Creator, as an awakening being you have not come here to be imprisoned by fear. Nor to be held captive by doubt.

You have come to get free. To shatter the ego’s arguments as to why you can’t do it.

You must win that argument.

Gratitude is a powerful prayer

Enters gratitude. Gratitude is the realization and acknowledging of all the good present in your life. Including that which you cannot yet see with your eyes.

When you can be grateful for that which has not yet manifested, your prayers are truly powerful.

Then, you are truly a powerful prayerful being. Gratitude is a high vibration, calling forth matching experience.

When you take on the feeling tone of gratitude, the sacred laws respond back to you: “Oh so you are grateful eh? We are going to give you something to be grateful for.

Gratitude truly is the key that will open God’s infinite storehouse of good. Gratitude is a spiritual practice. Aligning you with all your desires.

Be a prayer without ceasing being

And so, if you want to really master the art of praying, you need to realize that it is not so much about the words, but a whole lot about what you feel.

And so, to be a prayer without ceasing being you – take on the feeling tone of gratitude. Walk in it, revel in it, allow it to be your constant companion.

Even if you are not formally praying, seek the feeling tone that whatever it is you are praying for, is done. Because it is, and the only thing that can ever keep it from manifesting is your fears, worries, and doubts.

As you stay in the high vibration of gratitude, you are in vibrational alignment with your desires manifesting.

And when there is vibrational alignment – there is nothing that cannot manifest for you. That is the law.

And as is also the law, as you are in vibrational alignment, you will be guided into inspired action, that moves you closer and closer to the manifestation of your desires.

Seek that vibration. Choose that vibration. Live and move in that vibration.

Remember, your feeling tone is your most powerful prayer – be aware of what you are praying for.


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