What is inspired action in Divine Creation?

In Divine creation there is a huge difference between action and action. What is inspired action and why do we need to move out of our comfort zones?

The dynamic process of Divine Creation consists of a number of steps. There is the vision, there is the intention, the willingness and then moving into vibrational alignment. All of those are on the inner level. But of course, we need to also move in the direction of our vision. Not moving out of fear and worry, but moving out of faith and inspiration, consistently taking us outside our present comfort zone. This is inspired action.

The Law of Attraction requires action

In the dynamic process of Divine creation, there are a number of stumbling blocks that individuals run into.

One of the major ones is the inability to act and move in alignment with whatever vision they have caught or set for themselves.

There is a statement:

A vision without action is a fantasy.

What this means is that, if we are to see whatever it is we desire, manifested – we need to the necessary footwork, that it may come through us.

In other words, we cannot sit idly simply affirming what we desire. We need to act, and move in alignment with it, always and forever.

What is inspired action?

However, we need to separate action from action.

There is fear-based action, which is action arising out of fear, worry, or doubt that our vision will not manifest.

This is action arising from the vibration of lack and scarcity. Which means that when we engage in this kind of action, we are not calling forth the vision, but we are actually checking the manifestation of it.

Vibration is always cause, manifestation is always the effect of that cause.

And so, we need to engage in inspired action. Which means to continuously venture outside of our present comfort zone.

Inspired action is pretty much what it sounds to be. It is action arising out of inspiration. Action arising out of being in vibrational alignment with the manifestation of our vision.

Inspired action is action that is born out of guidance from the still small voice. We catch an intuitive hit that we should move in this direction or that. That we should move swiftly, or be patient.

Never forced. Never hurried. Yet not delayed, not postponed.

It is important that we act upon these intuitive hits when we get them. Procrastination because of fear and doubt is not a part of the inspired action.

It is not always the case, but sometimes there is a window of opportunity, that we need to catch. In other words, we may be compelled into some sort of action, but if we delay it, that particular opening may close.

Now as, we are moving in a field of infinite possibility, missing that particular opening does not mean that it will be gone and lost forever. But it may mean that we have delayed manifestation.

Keep a notebook in handy

And so, as God knows no boundaries and no time, this guidance will come when we least expect them.

As they do, we are wise to have some means of remembering them – a smartphone, a pen and a pad, or something else.

And so, when we catch them, we are wise to write them down or record them in some fashion, that we not forget them, or some detail of them.

As we are constantly bombarded by thoughts and impressions, most of us don’t have many seconds before we begin to forget these hits.

Prioritize your actions

A technique that has been used by many prosperous individuals is to make a list of the action-steps they have been guided to. They make a list and then they prioritize that list according to importance.

Preferably they prioritize this list before going to sleep or at the end of the days work.

Then, in the morning, they start acting upon what is on the list, beginning with the most important actions first. Regardless of whether they, in the moment, feel inspired to do it or not.

This is a very important point – sometimes individuals refrain from taking action because they “don’t feel like it“.

What we feel like in the moment is inconsequential. It is of no significance. It is important that we honor the vision by staying true to our commitment to it – regardless of how we feel moment by moment.

This will ensure that we always move forward toward the manifestation and that we do that which is most important first.

Do something every day…

As we begin to make ourselves open and available for the vision to guide us forth, we want to do something every day that moves us in the direction of the vision.

It does not have to be large and grand moves, all of the time. Sometimes it will though. But it is important that we keep our momentum up.

In other words, every day we want to take some sort of inspired action that moves us out of our comfort zones, toward our vision.

This may seem a bit redundant, but the average individual does not act in such a way that they put the sacred laws to work for them.

But they act, holding the kind of vibration that will rather check than call forth the manifestation of their vision

Manifestation is not a future thing – it is a now thing

As we keep moving toward our vision it is imperative that we do so holding the feeling tone of the manifestation of it being done.

Oftentimes individuals look to the future as if the manifestation is something that will occur in a near or distant future.

The vibrational message they then are emitting is: I don’t have it yet, but I will get it.

The sacred laws cannot but confirm and reflect back that vibration and so they will find themselves in an eternal place where they don’t have it yet, but they will get it.

In other words, as it is stated in scripture:

Pray believing that ye have already received it

we need to hold on the feeling tone that we have already received whatever it is we desire. We have received it and it is being given to us in this moment. And in this moment, and this moment.

Manifestation is not a future thing, but a now thing.

It is a continuous process of unfolding, and so the more we may feel that we already have it, the easier and more smooth will the unfolding become.

Allow the vision to guide you forth

The moment we say YES to our vision, the sacred laws begin to design and orchestrate its manifestation. They begin to move people and events around in ways that we cannot ever comprehend.

And as a dream or a vision is nothing more than a Divine seed that has been planted within us, from this moment on, that seed has come alive.

It has a life of its own.

We are not responsible for bringing it into manifestation. We cannot make it manifest – but simply allow it to manifest. In and through us.

And so, our participation in the manifesting of the vision is two fold;

  1. we need to vibrationally align with the vision, thus making it welcome
  2. we are to move in the direction of it – every day.

This is our job. It is not our job to cause manifestation to happen. We are not the cause of anything, simply the vehicle through which something comes into this dimension.

In other words, as the vision grows – we need to grow with it. Just as the tree is inherent within the seed, the manifesting is inherent within the seed. And so it knows what to do and how to do it.

And we are to follow where it leads, even when it leads us beyond our comfort zone. This is inspired action.

Tune into the still small voice

And so, we need to become still enough that we may tune into the still small voice within us – by some called intuition.

Adopting a childlike, curious nature.

This is the vision speaking to us. It will guide us and lead us, tell us when to move – and how to move.

What we have to realize is that God is forever for us, never ever against us. God is always seeking to give us more of the good of God, but we need to allow it.

And so we need to learn to trust the guidance whenever we catch it. It will always move us forward, never backward or astray.

Inspired action will take you beyond logic and reason

What we always need to remember is that the emergence of something new requires the dissolution of something old. Just like when a caterpillar is dissolved that the butterfly may emerge.

And so, for the vision to manifest we need to go beyond that which may seem logical and reasonable. Those are both born out of our previous experiences, our previous paradigms, and perspectives.

It is like that old saying:

If you want to experience something new, you first must do something different

In other words, as we catch the guidance we need to be aware that it may not always seem logical that which we are called upon to do.

We are being called upon to grow, to go beyond our comfort zones. This is what the spiritual path is all about – releasing the smaller for the greater and more expanded to emerge.

And so, we are wise to follow it. Always to the best of our ability.

There is no room for growth within the comfort zone

Staying in our comfort zone, only doing what we have always done – leaves no room for growth or expansion.

It does not matter if the guidance that we catch makes sense or not. We need to learn to follow it.

The Divine order is at play. The vision, having a life of its own, is pulling strings, orchestrating and moving peoples and events around that it may come into manifestation.

This is not something we can logically or intellectually figure out. We cannot begin to comprehend how the vision will come into fruition.

But what we can do, is surrender to it. Yield to it.

What we can do is to give it permission to guide and lead us into inspired action. Which means that when we feel even the slightest compel to do something that seems to move us in the direction of the vision – we are to do it.

Not question it, but do it. Not delaying it, not procrastinating, but doing it – now.

This will take us outside our present paradigms and comfort zones, over and over and over again.

This is inspired action. Not bound by logic or reason. But bound by inspiration.

The ego will rebel

The ego, of course, will not sit quietly and watch us grow and expand. It will make noise – a lot of noise.

The ego will bombard us with all the reasons why we should not do this or should not do that. It will overflow us with why we cannot do this or that.

We are too old, it is too late, we don’t have enough, we have too much. So on and so forth.

God, however, never makes neither a mistake or a meaningless act. In other words, as we have caught the vision, it is because God has deemed the timing perfect for the vision to come into manifestation.

In and through us.

So, let the ego scream. Let it shout, let it bombard you with fear, worry and doubt as to what may happen in you move in any particular direction. Let it scream at you, what “they” will think if you do this or that.

But, do not allow yourself to get caught up in it. You don’t have to pay any attention to it. It is perfectly possible to be aware of an experience without letting that experience control us, run us.

Keep moving in the direction you were moving in. Trust the still small voice. Keep allowing it to move you into inspired action, beyond your comfort zone.

Learning to trust God, Life, the still small voice – more than the ego, is vital.

You must defeat the ego

You have a big dream or vision – don’t let the ego talk you out of it. Give yourself the gift of moving in the direction of its manifestation.

You owe it to yourself to keep Dreaming the Life that you may Live the Dream. Keep seeking to see the world through the eyes of God.

Keep praying, keep meditating, visioning. Surround yourself with individuals that will support you in doing the illogical and unreasonable.

Keep moving forward. Do something every day that moves you in the direction of your vision manifesting.

Keep on talking about and from your vision. Keep on rejoicing when you see others having what you desire.

Don’t give in to fear, worry and doubt. They only serve to check the manifestation.

Give thanks first

Last, but not least – let’s talk about gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful creative vibration, calling your vision forth with greater ease and dignity.

Allow gratitude to to fill you to the overflowing.

Give thanks, every day for your vision, as though it has already manifested. Gratitude is a powerful vibration, allowing more and more good to flow into your life.

And the thing is, that we need to learn to be grateful first – even before anything shows up. That is the right use of the sacred laws, as we are sending them the vibrational message that we know that whatever we have asked for, has already been given.

Take on the feeling tone of gratitude, before you pray, before you vision, before you meditate – before you act.

Gratitude is the key that opens God’s storehouse of Divine good. We are well and wise to use it, as much as we possibly can.


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