What are you vibrating in harmony with?

If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

If you have followed our previous posts and messages you have probably heard us talk about how all is energy vibrating with different frequencies. This goes for everything in our physical world, but it also goes for our inner mental and emotional worlds.

All is vibrations

Your thoughts are units of mental energy. Some thoughts are vibrating at a higher level. These thoughts make you feel good.

Then there are other thoughts that make you feel bad. These thoughts are vibrating at a lower frequency.

We could say that your feelings let you know your current vibrational level. On the spiritual path, as you go from one level of consciousness to another you continuously increase your vibrational frequency.

As such, you move above, and go beyond experiences that you are no longer in harmony with.

The external world always reflects what level you are vibrating at

If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life.

The outside is always a reflection of the inside. Are you vibrating at the level of God, being friendly and supportive and that everything is working for your good?

Then that is what kind of experiences you will draw into your life.

Are you vibrating at the level of life being your enemy, that you have to struggle to make ends meet and that you need to protect yourself from other people? Then that is what will be your experience.

The outside world is always a reflection of our inner world. The higher we go vibrationally, the more friendly life becomes.

However, there is a slight delay in manifestation

But when you turn to look at your external world, and the experiences that are currently flowing into your life, please be aware that there is a slight delay in the manifestation process.

This means, that what you are experiencing in this moment – is the coagulation of the vibration you emitted in the past.

In other words, if you feel that what you are experiencing right now, is not a match to how you feel in this moment – know that how you feel in this moment is the preamble to coming experiences.

At the vibrational level, when you shift and elevate your vibration – the response is immediate. In the physical dimension however, it takes time for that shift to manifest.

Everything is radiated from within you

In a sense we may say that you are like a radio station.

You are constantly broadcasting and transmitting your vibrational messages. From this perspective, God may be likened to a radio receiver.

Now the receiver can only pick up and respond to the message being transmitted. And so it is well that you become conscious about what you are thinking about.

And even more so, what you are feeling. Because it is truly what you feel that sends the most powerful vibrational message for the sacred laws to pick up.

We live and move in a lawful cosmos where there is no luck or happenstance. All that happens has a cause and every cause has an effect.

Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. Whatever you are vibrating in harmony with, will ultimately come into your experience.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos, thus nothing comes into our experience uninvited.

You may not be conscious of what experiences it is that you are inviting but on a vibrational level you are inviting them nonetheless – through our point of interest.

Our interest determines our focus

That which you are interested in is where you will place your attention.

Are you interested in why you will never make it, why people treat you like crap, or why you never have enough? Then that is where you will place your attention, and that will determine what level you will be vibrating on.

yAre you interested in how much more good can flow into our life? How you may be of service and how you may grow more – then that is where you will place your attention.

God can only respond to the vibrational message you send out and so that is what will come to experience more of.

Gratitude is a high vibration

At any given time – there is so much for us to be grateful for. You may be grateful for who you are, or where you are. For the fact that you can breathe, for every single blessing that comes into your life.

You may express gratitude for everything that your life is about, for the peace we enjoy, for the abundance you truly have.

There is an Art of Gratitude – and honestly; If you learn no other art, the Art of Gratitude is the one you need to learn.

The thing is that the more you are grateful, the more God will send you to be grateful for. Nothing complicated about it really since you are moving in a lawful universe

If you want other suggestions as to how you can consciously increase your vibration, Teal Swan offers additional tools.

Form an intention to start owning your vibration. It will bring Heaven to earth in a big and mighty way.


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