We need to talk about it, to it, and from it

If we want to experience increased financial abundance in our lives, we need to talk about it with the feeling tone that it has already manifested.

Changing any habit is hard work. Yet, moving into the field of Sacred manifestation is perhaps the hardest work there is as we need to be conscious of what vibration we are emitting. Not only from time to time but all of the time. A powerful practice to vibrationally align ourselves with that which we desire is to learn, for instance, to talk about it talk it from and talk to it financial abundance – while taking on the feeling tone of gratitude. On a constant and regular basis.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

As we move along the path of awakening we eventually come to realize that we are no victims of anything. That Life is forever for us, never against us. Always seeking to bring us all of the good of Life.

We also come to into deeper realization of the sacred laws of the Universe and how they operate. That they are no respecters of persons but that they only mirror whatever is in our consciousness.

Whatever our predominant vibration or feeling tone is – will be mirrored as manifestation in our lives.

There is no such thing as chance or luck. But it is our inner reality that determines what will emerge as experience in our lives.

In other words, nothing ever comes into our experience, without first having received a vibrational invitation from us.

Another way of saying it is that things come into our experience either because we want it or because we don’t want it.

It is all about vibrational alignment

As popular as the Law of Attraction is, it is not entirely correct stating that we draw to us that which we think about the most.

Each and every one of our experiences (however our egos judge them) are radiated from within us. They emerge from within the depth of our being.

Through the means of vibrational alignment.

Whatever we think about, talk about and feel about the most, make up our predominant vibration. Our feeling tone is that which we keep the most alive and active within us.

This is so regardless of whether it is what we want or what we don’t want.

Whatever most of our attention is upon, through thinking about, talking about, and feeling about, will emerge in our experience.

Which is why it is vital that we, as a practice, make a conscious effort to talk more about what we want than what we don’t want. Which is what this post is about.

What are you talking about?

Have you ever stopped and listened to yourself speak to another individual? What is it that you speak most about.

Most individuals when having a conversation speak more about what they don’t want and what is not going right.

They complain and bemoan. Having no awareness of how they evoke the sacred laws through their speaking.

And as the laws only mirror the vibration we offer, speaking about the problem will only call forth more of the same.

And so, as a practice, it is vital that we take control over what we talk about, so that the laws may begin to work for us rather than against us.

Three dimension of talking about it

When we speak about talking about that which we want there are three different dimensions or angles from which to come at this.

We need to speak about that which we want, speak to it and speak from it.

Below is a description of the three.

However, we want to point out that when we speak about talking about that which we want, it is the feeling tone underneath the speaking that really sets the process of manifestation in motion.

If we are talking about something, but feeling the opposite, we are not affirming what we talk about but what we feel about.

In other words, it is essential that we align our feelings with that which we are affirming. We need to feel that that which we are talking about is in the process of happening now, in this moment.

It is not some future moment we are speaking about. If that is our feeling tone – that it will happen sometime in the future, what we are really affirming is that “we don’t have it now, but we will get it sometime in the future“.

That is the vibrational message the laws pick up and mirror back.

In other words, we need to take on the feeling tone of already having received it – whatever it is we want.

Talking to about it

Now the first dimension of speaking of that which we want is to talk about it. In conversation with others, in conversation with ourselves, we need to talk and speak as though it has already manifested.

In other words, using the present tense, we call it forth. Not from without, but from within as we vibrationally align with it.

If financial abundance is what we desire, then we would talk about it as though it has already manifested;

I give thanks for the financial abundance that is increasingly flowing into my life. I love how money flows, with ease, grace, and dignity. It is such a beautiful feeling to have more money than I need and I love having the financial freedom to buy whatever I want to buy whenever I want to buy it. ….

In as much detail as possible we want to describe that which we want. And we want to keep talking about it until it has manifested.

When we speak about what we want it is imperative that we carefully choose who we speak to.

It is perfectly fine to talk to only ourselves, when we are driving in our car, in the shower, out walking or whatever.

Talking to another individual is also fine, as long as we are absolutely certain that the other individual will help us hold the vibration of possibility.

We do not want to speak about this with someone who is ruled by logic and reason. They will bring our vibration down as certain as the sun sets at night.

If they cannot lift us up, then we are wise to refrain from talking to them.

Talking to it

The next dimension of talking about what we want is talking to it. Whereas before we talked about it, now we want to engage our want in direct conversation.

We want to talk to it as though it was a living being. In the case of financial abundance it goes like this:

Hey abundance! I know you are here, I see you, I feel you. Wherever I turn my attention – there you are. Thank you for being in my life, for flowing through me. I thank you for bringing me more money than I could ever imagine. Thank you for making sure that I always have more money than I need, and that money increasingly flows into my life – with ease, grace, and dignity.

Talking from it

The last dimension is speaking from the place of our want having already desired.

This may present a greater challenge as it involves us really feeling that whatever it is we want, has already manifested.

In other words, once again using financial abundance to illustrate, if we are living in financial abundance – how then would we be speaking?

What would we talk about? What would we be saying?

This, perhaps, is the hardest part, but if we want to vibrationally align ourselves with what we want – it has to be done.

We need to do all the necessary work to become one with that which we want. In other words, we need to fully dream the life to live the dream.

This means, never speaking about lack, never using the words – “I can’t afford this“, or, “That costs too much!”, or “That is too expensive“.

If financial abundance has already manifested – how then would we speak?

This is talking from it.

All of this is practice

Of course this is practice. It takes practice to develop the necessary muscles to make talking this way a habit.

Our minds are so used to speaking the way they have always been speaking, which is the reason why our experiences are what they are.

If we want our experiences to change – we need to change. We need to build new muscles, take our minds back.

This is real work. It is really hard work. Re-creating our inner reality, realigning our predominant vibration is tough.

Gratitude is the key

We cannot speak about the sacred laws and sacred manifestation without mentioning gratitude.

As we take on the feeling tone of gratitude as we talk about, to and from that which we want, we are vibrationally aligning with the receiving of it.

When we can be grateful for that which we cannot yet see, there is nothing that can stand in the way of the manifestation of it.

And so, whenever we talk about, to and from that which we desire, we want to first and foremost take on the feeling tone of gratitude.

Fully knowing that it has already been given us, even though we cannot yet see it.

Gratitude truly is the key that opens the door to all of the good of God, manifesting in our lives.


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