We are not here to make anything happen only to make welcome

Most people live with the misconception that they are here to make things happen. That they are to originate something or to be the cause of something. And for many people that something is to be as much as possible. We are not here to make anything happen – only to make it welcome.

You are not here to make anything happen – only to make it welcome

Most people are under the spell of the egoic illusion of separation where they perceive themselves to be separate from everything else. This, of course is not the truth. The Truth is firstly that everything is already in existence. That everything already is, in the form of potential within the infinite mind of God. Secondly that we are only here to make welcome that which wants to emerge in and through us.

And there is always something that wants to emerge in and through us. Our future selves are always calling us to leave behind our the small and limited version of ourselves. That we can continuously allow for new greater and grander version to emerge.

Everything is already in existence

Us humans never really invent anything. Nor are we the cause or origin of anything new to be created. We merely, through being open, available and receptive, discover that which is already there. The idea which has been planted within us just as a seed is planted into the ground.

Take smartphones for example. The concept of smartphones has always existed within the mind of God. It has existed as a seed of potential. And it was not until some human individuals allowed for that seed to take root within them, that the smartphones moved from the invisible dimension to the visible dimension.

From a smaller perspective it may seem as though they invented the smartphones. But the truth is that they in no way, shape or form invented the smartphones. They merely, through being open, available and receptive caught the concept of smartphones in consciousness.

Then through vibrationally aligning with that idea they made it welcome. They allowed it to emerge through them.

There is always something wanting to emerge through each of us.

Now there is always something wanting to emerge through each and every one of us. That is the nature of life. To welcome and allow for greater and grander expressions to come forth. The same with us humans obviously.

The difference between us humans and all other forms of life on this planet though is that we can make the conscious choice to surrender to and become active participants in our own growth and unfolding. Which speeds the process up exponentially.

We are here to realize that we are Divine Creators. And we are here to learn how to allow ourselves to move to higher and higher levels of excellence in our creative abilities. But we need always remember that it is never our job to be the cause of anything.

We are merely here to allow and make welcome that which wants to emerge.

What does it mean to allow and make welcome? It simply means that we, through doing the inner work of visioning and affirmative prayer put ourselves in a vibration that is in harmony with that which is trying to come forth through us.

We are all vibrational beings and it is our vibration that dictates what will ultimately manifest in our outer reality. Making welcome means being on the same vibrational frequency as that which wants to emerge.

When our inner reality is in alignment with that. When we are a vibrational match, then there is nothing that cannot emerge in and through us. This means, of course that we need to go beyond the egoic projections of fear, worry and doubt. It means that may need to change our perception of ourselves, what we are worthy and capable of.

This is the True meaning and definition Divine Creator. This is what we are here to understand and embody.


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