We are always provided for – if we only allow for it

We are always provided for and we always have all of our needs met. If only we through gratitude and right seeing would allow for it to be so.

The illusion of lack and separation

The human condition is one of great misunderstanding and ignorance – not by ill will but simply from the lack of awareness. How many of us are not living with the perception of life as hostile, as something to be conquered that we may stand at the end and say “I made it”.

That is not what God has intended for us though.

The thing with so many of us humans is that we place greater trust and value in that which we can see than in that we cannot see.

If we cannot see prosperity and abundance, we perceive it as far off or nonexistent. If health is not visible to our physical eyes we think of it as absent.

Most humans go, or rather run or race through life hoping to reach out and grab that which they feel is missing. Desperately trying to hold on to it so that they don’t lose it.

This of course is born out of the illusion of lack and separation.

All of our needs are met, when we allow it

In reality nothing is really out there for us to get. As the vibrational beings all is radiating from within us. Whatever our inner reality is, is our predominant vibration and it is our predominant vibration that dictates what our experiences will come to be.

We are always provided for by God. However we need to allow ourselves to surrender to the grace of God in order to receive that which is perennially being given by God. We need to make ourselves open and available for God to be able to give it to us.

In other words, we need to be in vibrational alignment with receiving the good of God. This means that we need to take on the feeling tone of having all of our needs met. Of having more than we need. In each and every moment.

Then, and only then, may the sacred laws allow for abundance to flow into our lives.

This means making gratitude a part of our lives. The feeling tone of Gratitude, or the vibration of Gratitude evokes the sacred laws to work for us, not against us.

Gratitude, meditation, affirmative prayer and any other spiritual practice pave the way for continuous good, the eternal good of God, to flow into our lives. Increasingly, with ease grace and dignity.

God is always for all of us, never against any of us

God’s deepest desire is for us to forever come into greater and grander expressions of ourselves. To this end God is throwing all of her power to our support.

God is always for us in realizing our purpose to grow and unfold. In truth we are not here to make anything happen – we never really have to make anything happen since all is already happening.

What we are here to do though is to allow that which is already happening to flow through us. To make it welcome. Through aligning our inner reality, our vibration with it.

Allowing all of our needs to be met, is a vital component of the spiritual path, as it is then and only then, when we truly get allow the face of God to come into its fullest and greatest expression, in and through us.

We are always provided for, we only need vibrationally align with it for it flow into our lives.


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