We always get what we need, not necessarily what we want

That which we want, on a human level, is sometimes very different from what we need - on a soul level

We are all infinite beings of love & light. Spiritual, vibrational beings made in the image and likeness of God. We don’t have a soul, but we are a soul. We have incarnated here on earth to learn, to grow and to unfold. To release that which hinders and blocks us from radiating the pure light & love of God. In other words, we did not come here get what we want – to satisfy the ego. But we came here to get what we need.

You may not always get what you want

Having said that we also need to say that sometimes that which we think we need, is not what we need at all. Our ego, from the perspective of lack and separation, think it needs this or that.

The ego has superficial needs that it seeks to convince us take as real needs. However, the needs of the ego and the needs of the souls are rarely the same.

Oftentimes individuals confuse the needs of the ego with the needs of the soul and so they keep chasing the former believing that when they get it (whatever it is) they will be happy, fulfilled, at peace.

It may be that vacation, that new car, that job, TV, purse or something else.

Of course that is never so, as the ego is insatiable. It incessantly wants more and more and more.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

The ego exists in a field of lack and separation. It has a perception of the world as a hostile place where it has to fight and struggle in order to get what it wants.

The mantra of the ego is: I am not enough and there is not enough. And so anyone who is under the aegis and influence of it, will be caught in that perception as well

If you have seen movies such as The Secret or the likes, it is easy to misunderstand how the creative process works.

The Law of Attraction states that likes attract likes. So on one level that which we are in vibrational harmony with is that which we will draw into our lives.

We have previously written about how nothing comes into our experience uninvited. It comes either because we want it or because we don’t want it.

This is true, even though some individuals may oppose and protest to this by stating that they didn’t invite negativity into their lives. They didn’t invite disease or calamity into their lives.

It is probable that they didn’t, at least not on a conscious level, maybe not even on a subconscious level either.

Something in them however, maybe not the human aspect of their being, but rather the soul aspect of their being, did at some point invite these seeming negative experiences into their lives.

We are living moving and having our beingness in a cosmos where there is only perfect order. Nothing happens by chance, by luck (or bad luck), or by coincidence.

Everything happens according to law – perfect law at that.

A contract made by our soul for the need of the soul

We need to always remember that we are not merely human beings but that we also are a soul. A soul that has never been born and will never die.

An infinite being of Love & Light with a purpose. Always on purpose.

This means that there are in fact two points of attraction in each person’s life. That of the human aspect with its wants and desires, and that of the spiritual aspect and its need to grow and unfold.

Sometimes these two points are not aligned with each other, and so experiences unwanted by the human aspect of us come into our lives. That the soul may keep growing, unfolding, expanding and evolving.

Prior to us descending here on earth, our soul made a plan or a contract dictating what lessons we were to learn while down here.

These contracts determine to a large extent what experiences we will encounter in our lives.

The thing is that we will keep encountering these experiences until we learn that which we need to learn. Then and only then may we move on to new experiences and lessons.

You always get what you need

And so, from this perspective, while we may not always get what we want, we do always get what we need.

It is well to remember this. It is equally well to remember that God is always for us, never against us. God is always supporting and assisting us on our path of growth and unfolding.

Whenever we don’t get that which we want, we need to remember that it is not God denying us that which we want. We simply have yet not learned that which we need to learn in order to make it welcome into our lives.

God is not an emotional and capricious God, blessing some and cursing others. The presence of God is all, is in all and is in everything.

God is pure Love & Light, Intelligence, Creativity, Beauty, Wholeness and Abundance.

These are qualities of God. Since we are all made in the image and likeness of God. These are also qualities of us. This is what we are here to wake up to.

God and your soul know exactly what we need. God in its infinite mind has the ability to see the whole picture as opposed to us humans who do not have that ability. Our perspective is small and limited.

True it grows and expands as we move along the path of awakening. But it will always be limited.

Give thanks for all the good you have

And so, the next time you find yourself complaining and bemoaning over some challenge or circumstance in life.

Stop, become still, connect with God and remember that even though this experience or circumstance is not what you want – it absolutely is what you need.

Trust that even though you may not consciously have requested the challenge or circumstance – it is in perfect alignment with that which you need to learn in order to rise to the next level.

There is only good in God, and since God is all there is only good in life. Just as there ultimately is only good in all of life – including human beings.

Most humans are being held prisoners in the egoic illusion of lack and separation – but even that and their deeds of unconsciousness are ultimately for the good of all.

If we could just remind ourselves that whatever is is and it is good. Give thanks for the fact that you always get what you need.

That we may keep moving along the path of growth and unfolding, in and with Love & Light.


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