Vibration is the foundation of the Law of Attraction

Despite our physical solid appearance each and every one of us are in fact a being of energetic vibration. All is energy, God is Energy – all is God – that is the Truth of all truths. Energy has the inherent quality of forever being in motion from one state or form to another state or form – this is creation. Energy with one frequency or vibration is drawn to and at the same time draws to it other energy with the same frequency or vibration – this is the foundation of the Law of Attraction, and may be called the Law of Vibration or the Law of Radiation.

Our purpose here on this planet is to allow for God to continuously come into her fullest expression in and through our lives, meaning that we allow for ourselves to forever grow and unfold into greater and grander versions of ourselves, releasing more and more of our gifts, talents and abilities into the world. Another way of expressing this is that we are here to become forever greater givers and sharers of that we have to give and share. And we are here to do this increasingly consciously.

Now if we are to become conscious participants in this growing, unfolding, creating, giving and sharing – it is necessary that we fully understand how the creative process works. It is vital that that all physical creations first are originated as an energetic vibration. That it is our primary vibration that ultimately manifests itself in the material world. Now what is it that dictates our primary vibration? Our inner reality, the truths and perceptions that we carry within ourselves about who and what we are and what the world around us is. Our inner reality in turn is made up of the recurring and predominant thoughts we, consciously or unconsciously engage in. As the spiritual beings of Love & Light with the ability to think independently of any circumstance, we can choose to create our inner reality i.e. our vibration – through repetition.

Join Bob Proctor in this video as he goes into depth explaining the Law of Vibration. Understanding the Law of Vibration is the key to understanding the Law of Attraction, which was the topic of the movie The Secret.

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