Use emotionally backed affirmations

using emotionally backed affirmations is a powerful tool in helping us consciously manifest even when we are caught up in negative experiences.

You are probably familiar with the concept affirmations as a technique to manifest and bring into fruition. Affirmations, or Affirmative Prayer is when we describe that which we desire to experience as though it were already here. A key ingredient in this is to not only recite but to also feel as though we already have it. However, at times, we are unable to feel this. In these moments we may use the technique of emotionally backed affirmations.

It is the feeling that gives power to the thought and calls forth vibrational alignment

Because, it is the feeling, which is no more than a conscious (or semiconscious) evidence of the vibration that we are in, that is the true creative agent. A thought, any thought, in and by itself does not carry much creative power.

Every thought or string of thoughts is creative potential. However, unless that though is backed by an aligning emotion that thought will not gain much momentum. And so, it is not really the thought that we are affirming but the underlying feeling of the thought.

We may think anything we want, but it is our predominant vibration that ultimately determines or dictates what will be brought into form. This is of course by law, the law of vibration.

Emotionally backed affirmations is using our low vibration to work for us

Now, there are times, when we may be caught in an experience of lack or separation giving rise to fear, worry and doubt. These are low frequency thoughts and experiences which give birth to low vibrations.

Any attempt then to affirm something not in alignment with the vibration will only serve to bring more power to the deeper experience of lack and limitation.

This is where we use the emotionally backed affirmations. We use the raw emotion that we are currently experiencing to empower and put emphasis on that which we want to manifest. Let’s say for example that an individual desires a higher level of prosperity.

For some time they may have been affirming and they have increased their ability to see beyond appearances. This inner work has brought forth signs of manifesting the greater level of prosperity.

And so one day they wake up in a foul mood. This individual, may be stuck in an experience of not having what they desire. The present moment and the lack of desirable in this moment is where they have turned their attention.

That is a low vibration. If they now were to affirm or engage in affirmative prayer the vibrational gap between what they desire and what they feel will be too great.

And so any affirmation will only serve to strengthen the experience of not having. Which of course according to the laws of the universe will only bring more of the not having.

Changing the focus of the affirmation

Using emotionally backed affirmation then is not trying to deny the feeling or current vibration. It is rather embracing that vibration allowing it to be a catalyst for manifestation.

So, what this individual needs to do is to affirm in a way that is in alignment with the feeling. In other words, they need to change the focus of the affirmation.

So, rather than using words like: “I am open and available for more prosperity than I have ever before imagined to flow into my life” – which is in direct contradiction to the current experience they would instead ask questions like: “Why am I always so prosperous“?. “Why does more good than I have imagined keep flowing into my life”? “How can it be that am always I so successful”? “Why do I always have more money than I need”?.

Now, that which they are affirming is not opposing the vibration but it is in perfect alignment with the vibration. Yet it is affirming that they are prosperous.

So now, through using emotionally backed affirmation they have taken a low vibration, a negative emotion, and allowed it to work for them.

As God always answers our questions, these questions, backed by powerful feelings, will be answered. Only the answers to these questions work in our favor, and so the are empowering questions to ask.

This is practice, spiritual practice. This is taking full responsible of our experiences and our own vibration.

Vibrational alignment is the key to manifesting

Wether or not we are angry or upset is of no regards of God. God doesn’t care about if we are a “good” person or a “bad” person. These universal laws are impersonal.

They respond only to our predominate vibration. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the vibration. And so learning to align the vibration with that which we desire to manifest is of paramount importance.

Emotionally backed affirmations is aligning low vibration with high desires. It is as easy and as powerful as it sounds.

The trick, only, is to remember to remember to use it in times when we are caught in low vibration experiences.


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