The spiritual renaissance is well underway

The spiritual renaissance is here. The old is dying and a new world is emerging. As awakening beings we need to be the forerunners of it all.

In the world, there is much turmoil. On the surface, it would appear as though humanity is becoming more and more insane. However, that is just on the surface. Underneath it all, the spiritual renaissance is well underway. The old is dying and the new is emerging. As the awakening beings that we are, we will spearhead this renaissance.

The world as we know is not worth saving

We have not incarnated onto this planet to change the world as we see it. The world, which is not the same as the planet – is not worth saving.

We are at a time when there is much turmoil and negativity arising in the world. This, of course, is not worth saving.

We have come here to transcend the old world, that which is clearly no longer working for us. Transcend it that a new world may emerge.

Not from somewhere outside of us but from within the each of us.

Everything is working for our good – personally and collectively

God’s will is always for greater expression of life. And so in full alignment with that, there is always something seeking to emerge within us.

This means that every single challenge that we face, both on a personal level and a collective level is a gift and a blessing of transformation.

As awakening beings, it is our responsibility to look for the good within everything. That we may use the challenge as a stepping stone to a higher level of consciousness.

This is how we consciously participate in the renaissance that we are in the midst of.

And so, as we find ourselves in the kind of world that we live in, we all need to rise above the appearance of badness.

We need to uplevel our vibration to the level of loving visioning.

This is how we allow for the old world to die and a new world to emerge.

We have all been given the gift of independent thinking

What sets us apart from any other being on this planet, so far as we know, is that we have been given reflective consciousness.

Which allows us to think about what we are thinking about.

We have been given the ability to choose what to think about. Thus to think independently of any circumstance and situation.

This means that however circumstances may appear to be, we have the ability to choose to turn our attention in whatever direction we want.

In other words, we can seek the good in the midst of seemingly bad. We may seek the Light even when darkness appears to surround us.

And so, by moment to moment practice, we have the ability to build our spiritual and mental muscles to the point where we may choose to respond to anything and everything with Love, kindness and, compassion.

Respond rather than react with fear, worry and doubt.

The old is dying

The renaissance is well underway. The old is dying. The new is emerging.

And as the old is dying, it is kicking and screaming loudly. There is so much bubbling to the surface at this time in our history.

Racism, segregation, injustice, hatred, bigotry – so much is coming up. And so it would appear as though things are getting worse, and worse, and worse.

Only they are not. On the contrary.

All of this negativity, all of the fear and worry, that is coming up is a beautiful thing.

It is good in progress. A blessing.

It has been said that all of growth and unfolding is about letting go. About releasing that which no longer serves us.

However, we can only let go of, and release that which we are aware of.

And so, now we are becoming aware. We are becoming aware of how much fear has run us.

Of how small and limited our perception and perspective has been.

Humanity, is waking up.

The old is dying, which is why all of this negativity now is coming to the surface.

However, as awakening beings, we cannot just idly sit back and wait for the new world to emerge. Or for God to save us.

Because God will not.

And the emergence will not happen on its own accord. God created us and left us with the freedom and responsibility to make choices.

Humanity has created this mess that we now find ourselves in. Humanity needs to clean it up or it won’t get cleaned.

The new is emerging

So, at this moment, let us come together and make the choice that from this moment on, all of our choices will be in alignment with making the world a better place.

A place that works for all regardless of their color of skin, religiosity, sexual orientation, level of riches and so forth.

Let us commit to seek to make higher and higher choices. Choices arising out of Love, compassion, generosity and kindness.

The new is emerging. It is arising, but each of us need to go to work making sure that we do all that we can do to call it forth.

More and more individuals are waking up. Love, compassion, kindness, and generosity are now a conversation, whereas before it was not.

All around the world, there is less and less violence. Although we hear about it more and more due to the expanded availability and accessibility.

As awakening beings we are the pioneers of the renaissance

And so this is the time where we, as awakening beings, really need to step up our game. We need to rise above the old, that the new may emerge.

In and through each of us.

We are the forerunners of the renaissance, the pioneers. No more sitting around waiting for it to happen.

We need to choose to actively participate in calling it forth.

Each of us has unique gifts, talents, and abilities that are to be cultivated expressed. And shared with the world.

Not to satisfy our ego’s small little needs. But to make the world a better place for all beings.

Let us change this world – for the better. Let us dream of a better life. A life that works for everyone on the planet may emerge.

In and through each of us.

Let us come together in prayer, and meditation, that we may join in Love, joy, peace, and gratitude. For it is those high vibrations that will call forth the new.

Let the old world die.

And let us surrender to the new world that is emerging.


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