The Spirit of God is all, is in all and is in everything

ALL of the spirit of God is in all and ALL of God is everywhere. There is no being, place or event that is not in or that is not of God. Realizing this is one of they major keys to spiritual transformation. Thus to the inner peace and harmony that comes with it.

The spirit of God is all there is.

We want to continuously strive to look for the evidence of God’s presence and beauty in all that we experience. Whether it is seemingly good or bad. That we may meet and greet all beings that come our way from the frequency of appreciation and thanksgiving.

Reminding ourselves that all is in and of God, in perfect alignment with the Divine order that reigns the cosmos, and so also our own individual lives, allows for us not get trapped by our ego’s opinions.

All, absolutely all, is working for both our personal and collective good. Even when outer circumstances may seem to be of the contrary.

It is well that we strive to look for a higher vantage point in life. A vantage point where we may gain a higher perspective. We don’t need to pay heed to the low frequency thoughts of lack and limitation that we are constantly bombarded with. By most other people and the media.

God is forever for us, never against us

God is always for each and every one of us, never against us. It is God’s deepest desire that each and every one of us may come to our greatest and grandest expression and all of that which we encounter is uniquely designed to assist us in realizing that desire of God (which is also a part of our purpose).

Practicing to see God’s beauty and presence in all that we meet trains us to go beyond the egoic illusion of separation where we see ourselves as separate from God, from other beings and from the good we desire. As we learn to perceive God in everything we come into the realization that all is one. That there is only unity. Realizing this brings us deep into that which is True and Real and we will experience Heaven.

Heaven is ever expanding good

Now heaven is not a place in the sky. It is not where those who have been good or proved themselves worthy are blessedly sent. No, heaven is a state of mind. A state of consciousness. Arising from the insight of who and what we are and who and what the spirit of God is. We need to learn to train our minds to look for the good in all that happens.

To look for the blessings that endlessly and abundantly come our way. That and then is when we enter into Heaven.

Michael Bernard Beckwith refers to heaven as the “ever expanding good”. As an individual start looking for the good they move themselves into the higher frequency of expecting good. Expecting good is to have created an inner reality of good increasingly flowing into ones life.

As we have talked about before, whatever our inner reality is will dictate how our outer reality will manifest. Not necessarily in terms of what events and circumstances come into our lives, but rather how we experience these events and circumstances. And so how to respond to them from a state of love and compassion. Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited.

Spiritual growth and unfolding is a perpetual process

As said before spiritual growth and unfolding is a process that is forever taking place whether we are aware of it or not.  It is not something to accomplish or achieve. But, we can make ourselves conscious participants in this process thereby excelling it.

It all comes down to our inner work. To continuously surrender to the will of God, allowing ourselves to be guided and moved along our unique and individual path. This calls for spiritual practice, meditation, affirmative prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, and visioning.

As the spiritual being of Love & Light that we all are, we are not here to have a human experience, we are here to have a human incarnation creating our own experience.  We need to make ourselves open and available.

It will not be done to us, but we have to allow for it to come through us. It is time for us as a race to start taking responsibility for ourselves that we may transcend the insanity that is the human condition in this time of human history.


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