The Secret – the movie

Rhonda Byrne’s epic movie The Secret that in many ways helped create global awareness of the universal laws governing all of existence and in particular the Law Of Attraction.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited

This movie beautifully illustrates how nothing comes into our experience uninvited, that it is our inner reality (the conscious but mostly subconscious thoughts we hold as truth) that creates our outer reality.

What we want everyone who watches this movie to understand though is that it is not enough to simply create, cultivate and hold an image in our minds in order for it to manifest in the outer world.

We also need to take action on that image with the full faith that it is already on it’s way. That means that we, according to the best of our ability need to move in the direction of our vision with the inner knowing that it is already happening.

That it is not a future event but that it is something that in this moment is unfolding right on time. It’s like it says in scripture – “pray, believing that ye already have it“.

We have Divine faculties

We are all made in the image and likeness of God which simply means that we all have the same creative potential as God. That creative potential translates into our ability to think regardless of circumstances, which in turn means that we may hold a clear image of our vision even when there is on evidence of that vision manifesting in the outside world. The Secret does a great job of illustrating this.

As it explains an illustrates one of the sacred laws, The Law of Attraction.

We hope that you will enjoy The Secret – and if you have seen it before, please do not allow yourself to be seduced by that voice within saying “I know this, I don’t need to see this again“.

That is the voice of the ego and it is only trying to keep you from growing, from going deeper into the which is True and Real. Remember, repetition is the key to learning.


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