The present moment is the only place we will ever need to be

Are you experiencing fear, worry, or doubt? If yes, taking that conscious breath that moves you deep into the present moment, is the way to go.

Sometimes it is all but impossible to keep the egoic projections of fear, worry and doubt in check. In these challenging moments, the only (true) way of finding salvation is to keep coming back to the present moment. This is the only place where we will find the peace that passes human understanding.

It is simple although not always that easy.

In the present moment, all our needs are met. In the present moment, nothing is lacking us. Nothing is missing us.

The techniques of anchoring ourselves in the present moment are easy. Remember to use them, can be a challenge.

As can winning the battle over the ego that desperately is trying to prevent us from moving deep into the present moment.

The present moment is never further away than a conscious breath. And as soon as we start to take those conscious breaths, we step out of time. Out of the worry, fear or doubt that so often rules us.

As soon as we become conscious of that which is Now, we have gone beyond time.

Time is the only place the ego rule our minds

Time is where the ego resides. The ego does not exist outside of time. It is bound by the past, the present and the future.

And so, as we move deep into the nowness of this moment, we break free from the egoic rule and structures.

We are now aligned with the reason for which we are here. Which is not to take part in the collective human experience. But to create our own Divine experience while here on earth.

We are not our thoughts or emotions

Another way of moving into the present moment is to remind ourselves that the egoic thought forms and projections. Of fear, worry and, doubt are nothing but an illusion.

We don’t have to pay them any attention. We don’t have to let them run us. But we ca turn our attention to that which is truly Real.

Regardless of what we are thoughts come into our awareness. Regardless of what emotions we are experiencing.

God is forever for us never against us. As God is everywhere present absolutely everything is working for our good. Personally as well as collectively.

Subsequently, every single challenge is a Divine gift and a blessing. Uniquely designed for us to assist in our growth and unfolding.

Being anchored in the present moment, makes us open, available and receptive

Once we have anchored ourselves in the Holy Now we may begin to make ourselves open, available and receptive for guidance and wisdom.

By consciously going online with God and by asking questions such as: “What would you have me do in this moment?” or “What is mine to do right now?”

As we consciously ask questions like that we enter into communion with God. We step into the Unity with the Whole and with the field of infinite possibilities that we are all living, moving and breathing in at all times.

It might just be that we are guided to open ourselves up to all the good that we already do have in life. By giving thanks and allowing the vibration of gratitude flow through us.

It is also good and well to remind ourselves that there is no problem that is bigger than God.

Since God is all, is in all and in everything and since God is only for fuller expansion and growth, inherent in every challenge and seeming problem is also a solution.

Each and every challenge is a gift and a blessing of transformation

All our challenges are meant to help us grow and become forever greater and grander versions of ourselves.

And so, if met with the right consciousness all challenges are transmuted from tombstones to steppingstones taking us to higher and higher vibrations and perspectives.

So, the next time you are faced with a challenge, or overtaken by fear, worry and doubt – make it your number on priority to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Spiritual practice is the foundation for peace and understanding

Having a regular and consistent spiritual practice is the key to this.

Through meditation, affirmative prayer, and gratitude we make ourselves open and available. Open and available to see beyond the egoic veil of lack and limitation.

That we may see that which is True and Real.

As we strengthen our presence muscles, not allowing time to run us, but stepping out of time, fear and worry dissolves. And peace and understanding emerges.

That we may surrender and allow for the solution to emerge in and through us. We are not here to make anything happen, only to make welcome that which is already happening.

As we move into the present moment, we come to realize that all the joy, happiness, freedom, peace, abundance, prosperity, love and harmony that we are all seeking are only to be truly found within us.

When we, in the midst of seeming turmoil (which is always order in progress) may become tranquil and peaceful we have become masters of our own fate. This is one way of knowing God.

Transcending challenges in this way, literally dissolv them through becoming more conscious is a very powerful way of re-writing and re-creating our inner reality, that we may forever move from one level of greatness, grandness and excellence to the next.


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