The Love & Light Store Academy has emerged

The Love & LIght Store Academy has emerged. It is to be a bridge between the seeker and the teacher, the teacher and the seeker. For the benefit of humanity

It came to me on the morning of Christmas Eve. Usually, I have my most creative hours between 5 and 8 am, and as usual, I was sitting with my computer working. All of a sudden I caught the name and shape of it – The Love & Light Store Academy had emerged.

And just like that, The Love & Light Store has now begun the next stage in her evolution.

Welcome to The Love & Light Store Academy – a bridge between the spiritual seeker and the spiritual teacher

The birth of The Love & Light Store Academy

As I caught the vision of The Love & Light Store back in 2017, what I caught was that TLLS (The Love & Light Store for short) was to be a bridge between the seeker and the teacher. A bridge between the teacher and the seeker.

What this means is that it is to be a place where the awakening individual may come to be touched, moved, inspired and empowered to keep growing. To keep unfolding.

In other words, it is to be sort of a school or a classroom if you will. A place where some (perhaps all, only time will tell) of the world’s foremost and most renowned spiritual teachers will be featured. With there courses, classes, seminars, live talks, and appearances.

Although I have seen and felt this from day one, the how’s of it, the shape and the form of it has not been revealed to me.

Until now.

In other words, I have now caught the shape and form of it. Along with the name.

It all came to me on the early morning of Christmas Eve as I was working on my computer. I was in the process of creating an online course when all of sudden it all came to me. An intuitive hit.

An inner knowing told me that I was to create something called The Love & Light Store Academy.

I give thanks for having learned not to question the guidance

In retrospect, and I have become aware of this many times, I am immensely grateful. I am so grateful that I have come to not question guidance as it comes to me.

I remember a time when my initial response to almost every idea I ever had was: I can’t do this, I can’t do that, this is not for me.

Or what if I don’t make it? Or, What will the others say? And things like that.

I remember the time when I would stop myself short, even before I got started. Simply because I lacked faith.

Though what I have now, is not faith in me – thank God. What has changed for me is that now I have faith in Life, faith in God.

God is forever for me never against me

I know that God is forever for me, never ever against me. God is the sole source of any and all ideas I have ever caught and ever will catch. They are all Divine seeds with a life of their own.

I give thanks for having learned and understood that it is not up to me to make anything happen. My only job is to make that which wants to happen, welcome to happen in and through me.

And so, now when I catch guidance. When I catch that intuitive hit or the inner knowing as guidance comes to me. I have learned not to question it. Nor second guess it.

I have learned to just roll with it, to flow with it. Because I know that it comes from God’s infinite mind.

A mind that has no limits. A mind that only wants me to grow and unfold. That desires that I give myself permission to come into forever greater and grander versions of myself.

How guidance comes to me

It was a few years ago that I came do understand how guidance come to me. I had heard Mr. Bob Proctor talk at length about catching signs and images. And so I thought that all guidance is visual.

But I hardly ever see any images in my mind. And so I was very frustrated with myself. I was even disappointed with myself for not seeing.

Then, Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith came into my life and he taught me that guidance may come in many forms and shapes. Always in a language and in a way that I can understand.

And I began to realize that guidance comes to me as an inner knowing. Not as an image, not as a sound, not as a feeling. but I simply know.

That the still small voice speaks to me through an inner knowing.

There is no other way for me to describe it. I just know. Although I can’t explain how I know or where the knowledge comes from. I just know.

Some individuals hear, or they see, or they get a feeling. And then there are most likely others who catch guidance in other ways.

Me – I know.

I have learned to pay partial attention to the still small voice, most of the time

You know how, when you have the radio turned on in the background. You are not really paying attention to it, yet some of your attention is tuned into what is playing on the radio.

Suddenly a great song begins to play or something interesting is being said and although you were not actively listening to the radio, now you are aware, present.

That is kind of what it is like for me. I am sort of always listening with one ear that I may hear the still small voice and its sweet words of guidance.

I have learned to kind of always be online with my inner guidance system, always on the lookout for guidance that moves me forward along my path of growth and unfolding.

In perfect alignment with the initial vision of The Love & Light Store

This is what happened this morning on the 24th of December, 2019.

I was doing my thing when all of a sudden I caught the next step of the unfolding of The Love & Light Store.

And The Love & Light Store Academy had emerged. In perfect alignment with my initial vision of The Love & Light Store.

I knew what I needed to do, I knew what I was called to do. I caught it, and I immediately said yes to it.

No fear, no doubt, nor worries, no hesitation, no procrastination.

I caught the next step and only a few moments later the domain was purchased and I began setting up The Love & Light Store Academy webpage.

I give thanks for this beautiful adventure I get to take part in

How grateful I am for this amazing adventure I have been guided to partake in. I am so thankful, for the privilege I have been given to allow The Love & Light Store to come forth.

I am not entitled to it, but I am privileged by it.

Thank you, God, for entrusting me with this responsibility. For entrusting me with this gift, this blessing.

Not one day goes by when I am not grateful for all the good that flows through The Love & Light Store into my life.

For all the opportunities I get to be of service, to give and to share of that which I have to give and share.

I give thanks for continuously learning to hear and catch the guidance that is perpetually given to me.

I give thanks for the emergence of Love & Ligh Store Academy

In short. I am so grateful for who I am, where I am and for where I am headed on this magical path that I am on.


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