The inner reality is that which you Know that you Know that you Know

An individuals inner reality is their most fundamental inner beliefs; that which they know, that they know, that they know. It is their core vibration.

The inner reality, or the subconscious mind as it is called in other places – is that which we know that we know that we know. It is our core beliefs, perceptions and opinions. Our inner reality is the lens through which we view and interpret life. It is our most predominant vibration, determining which experiences come into our lives.

The inner reality – that which we know beyond doubt

On a number of occasions, we have written about something we call the inner reality. We have however not really taken the time to fully describe what we mean by it. The easy way of describing it is to say that it is our most fundamental inner beliefs.

That which we know, that we know, that we know. Regardless of whether that which we know actually is True or false. It is our core vibration. It is our primary vibration.

From the moment of birth we are continuously accumulating knowledge and experiences. These serve as a sort of navigational tool as we move through life. These build a foundation of inner beliefs and opinions.

Who we are, what we are, what we are worthy of, what we deserve, what we can expect, what our capabilities and abilities are. Also who and what other people are, what life is like and is supposed to be like, so on and so forth.

All these beliefs or inner truths constitutes our inner reality. If you are familiar with the works of Bob Proctor you may recognize that he refers to this inner reality as paradigms.

We are vibrational transmitters

As the spiritual beings, created in the image and likeness of God that we all are, we are also vibrational beings. All is energy and energy. Energy is constantly moving from one state and form to another state and form.

The only thing that separates one object from another is its vibrational frequency. Energy with one vibration has the tendency to be drawn to other energy with the same vibration. It, at the same time draws to it that other matching energy.

This is the basics of the Law of Vibration or the Law of Radiation which is the foundation for the much popular Law of Attraction which was the focus in Rhonda Byrnes hit movie The Secret.

As we are vibrational beings even our thoughts are units of mental energy. Our thoughts transmitt  vibrational messages with different frequencies. This is in essence the way by which creation happens.

Our predominant thoughts or thought forms determine our predominant vibration. That vibration then draws corresponding energy to it.

As this is done on a regular and consistent basis it brings the formless into manifestation. And so it may be said that that which we experience today is no more or less than that which we thought yesterday

Our inner reality is where it all starts

Now our inner reality is the very core and fundament of that which we believe. Even though we may not even be aware of it. Whatever is a part of our inner reality is our core vibration. As long as something remains as our inner truth it will be reflected and manifested in our external world.

As an experience.

We could say that our external reality is a direct reflection of our inner reality. Are you  curious as to what your inner reality looks like? Then all you need to to is to take a good look at the various aspects of your life. That will give you a good idea of what your
inner reality looks like.

Now God only responds to vibrations and is not a respecter of either person or personality. This means that a seeming “good” person with a limited and inhibiting inner reality may draw into their sphere limiting and inhibiting experiences.

Whereas a seeming “bad” individual with empowering inner realities may draw into their sphere corresponding experiences.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited.

Re-creating our inner reality

We are all here to allow ourselves to become Divine Creators. Being a Divine Creator is creating in harmony and alignment with God. Rather than the acquisitive nature of the ego.

And so it is utterly important that we learn how to re-create our inner reality. We need to learn to consciously match the vibration of that which is trying to emerge in and through us.

We are not here to make anything happen, but we are here to make that welcome which is trying to emerge in and through us and our lives.

In other words, we are here to continuously surrender to the next greater and grander version and expression of ourselves and the unique and perfect soul that we all are.

Re-creating the inner reality is touch work that calls for discipline. We need to via the spiritual practices of meditation, visioning and the subsequent affirmative prayer open ourselves up to become available to new expanded paradigms and perspectives.

While at the same time become willing to live according to those new expanded views and ways of life. We want to point out that repetition is the key to growth and unfolding.

By repetitively engage in affirmative prayer, affirming, visualization and so forth, we install new core beliefs into our subconscious minds thereby recreating our inner realities. If you want to have a deeper description on how to consciously re-create your inner reality you may find this post helpful.


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