The Holy Now is the doorway to heaven

Anchored in the Holy Now where we have transcended time - we get to experience Heaven. Not as a far off place, but a state of awareness of the Divine.

Grounded and anchored in the Holy Now we not only break free from, but we transcend the opinionated egoic mind. It is in the nowness of this moment, where we have transcended time – that we get to experience Heaven. Not as a far off place, but a state of awareness. A state of consciousness.

Time is an illusion

The ego constantly tries to project it’s illusory perception of fear, worry, doubt, lack and separation onto the screen of our lives.

As most individuals are trapped in time they lack the ability to discern what is of the egoic illusion and what is of the Real.

This makes them unable to respond to situations and circumstances. They simply rather react to them.

Time is only an illusion.

It is a concept created by us human in order to measure experiences. Even so, most humans live their lives trapped in time.

Either in the past, the present or in the future.

Usually, an individual has a predominant “preference” to dwell in either the past or the future.

They are either being assaulted by guilt and shame or fear and worry. All depending on where they turn their attention.

The Holy Now moves us beyond time into the eternal

A result of spiritual practices, such as meditation, gratitude, and affirmative prayer an individual develops the ability to step out of time into the Holy Now.

The Holy Now is the space in between and beyond time where we realize that all is one. And that we all are apart of that one.

It is centered and anchored in the Holy Now that we realize that heaven, in truth is not a place but a state of mind.

That the opinions and fears of the ego are nothing but an illusion that we need not pay any heed to.

When we step out of time, when we go beyond the fear, worry and doubt of the ego.

We find that there is only bliss, joy, love, light, peace and harmony.

These are not merely emotions subject to events in the external world; the world of appearances – these are inner dimensions – always available always accessible through the Holy Now.

Choice is a function of awareness

It is said that choice is a function of awareness. This of course is true, but what does it mean?

It means that an individual must be aware that she has the ability to choose as oppose to react. Reaction happens without predetermination.

It can be explained as a conditioning or a habit.

We experience something that triggers habitual thoughts which in turn triggers conditioned emotions which cause us to react without ever stopping to contemplate or reflect upon whether our reaction is beneficial to us or not.

Responding however is experiencing something, assessing that experience and then deciding on a course of action suitable to that which we desires to experience.

So, in order to be able to respond to a situation an individual needs to, in the moment, realize that she has the ability to respond.

An individual may have achieved a high state of consciousness but unless she, in the moment, is able to remain in the Holy Now – connected to the infinite, she will, in that moment, not have the ability to respond but will instead react.

We are spiritual beings having a human incarnation not a human experience. This means having the realization that we are not our thoughts, emotions of bodies.

We need to revisit the Holy Now on a continuous basis

In order to become a conscious participant in the unfolding of our souls, a deliberate creator we need to train ourselves to remain in present in the Holy Now as much as possible.

How do we attain this ability? Just like with anything else: repetition is the key to growing and unfolding.

In other words – the ability to anchor in the Holy Now needs to be exercised in order to become developed.

We need to practice being fully present. This comes from first having an intention to do so.

Building spiritual muscles is really no different from any other practice.

We need to practice, train, exercise the trait or ability we want to acquire.

It is just like going to the gym building muscles, in fact spiritual practice builds and develops spiritual muscles.

The stronger the muscle the better it can withstand the outside world trying to grab our attention.

The Art of Meditation is a beautiful way of practicing presence. Meditation may be described as paying unconditional attention to something.

And so we need not be in formal meditation in order to exercise our attention muscle. We simply just need to focus our attention for a period of time.

Gratitude is another powerful and equally beautiful way of moving out of time into the eternal. At any given time there is something to be grateful for.

And as the sacred laws decree, the more grateful we are, the more will we be given to be grateful for.

Making use of the moments in between to build these spiritual muscles is a beautiful practice.

Heaven and Hell are both states of consciousness

Is it possible for us “ordinary mortals” to achieve sublime states of being present in the Holy Now? Of course it is.

There is nothing separating any of us from any of the great teachers and avatars that are and have been walking the earth.

All it takes is our conscious participation, which starts with an intention to grow, to be in greater touch with reality.

It all starts there. Desire and intention are the two most powerful transformational agents (as well as creative agents) there is.

However, we need to realize that none of us are here to ascend to Heaven, to be perfect humans beings that we will be let into Heaven.

Heaven and hell are both mental states – states of consciousness. And they are both right here on earth within the minds of man.

When and individual is fully identified and caught up with the myopic perspective of the ego they are in hell.

Their peace, joy, and Love do not come from within but they seek them in the outside world.

Another individual’s praise or criticism is perceived as truth and they find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster, having no power or control over themselves and their own emotions.

Heaven, on the other hand, is where an individual does not seek to derive the peace of God from without.

They realize that the peace is within them and that they can access that peace at any time through the portal of the Holy Now.

We are not here to ascend to Heaven but to bring Heaven to earth

The work that we are all called upon to do is to find a way to come back to the Holy Now on a regular basis.

Not to be good spiritual practitioners, earning ourselves a ticket to Heaven.

But to bring Heaven to earth in and through our beingness.

We are here to allow the peace of God to flow through us for every being on the planet to see, feel and be touched by.

To, through the peace that is emanating out from us, inspire and empower our fellow beings to go within and seek the kingdom of God there.

It is simply although not always easy, but as we set our intention to be forerunners of Heaven, the whole of the universe will conspire to guide and move us along.

This is how we truly reveal the face of God in and through us, the spiritual path.

This is what these times so desperately call for, that we all wake up and realize that the Light of God is within us. Perpetually and always.


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