Teal Swan: How to raise and increase our vibrational frequency

How we feel lets us become aware of our vibrational frequency

We are all vibrational beings constantly emitting energetic vibrations to the world. As you probably know it is our inner reality and our inner state that dictates what experiences we invite into our lives. If you have seen the movie the Secret you may remember how it is stated over and over again that we should choose to be happy. Happiness is a vibrational frequency. Just like gratitude, love and joy. Fear, worry and doubt also carry their own unique vibrational frequency.

How we feel in any given moment lets us know which vibration we are on in that given moment. We might say that our feelings are a conscious awareness of our vibration. The better we feel – the higher vibrational frequency we are emitting. The worse we feel the lower is our vibration.

We literally own our own vibrational frequency

We are spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God. That means that we have been given the Divine gift of independent thought. We can think independently of circumstances.

It is our thoughts that dictates our vibration. This means that if we are thinking happy thoughts our vibration will increase. If we are thinking thoughts of fear, worry and doubt our vibration will decrease.

In this sense we own our own vibration. At all times we have the ability to choose where to put our attention. Are we focusing on the good that perpetually flows through our lives or are we focusing on the bad or the negative?

The choice really is ours as we become aware of it.

How to consciously choose a high vibrational frequency.

You may have heard statements such as “Happiness is a choice“. Either you are compelled by it or you are provoked by it. However you react to it – it is true.

It is no accident that some people seem happier and other sadder. Nothing in the cosmos is an accident. All happens by law. There is only perfect order in the cosmos. So if we want to become a happier or a more joyous individual – we have to make that choice.

Obviously making the choice is not enough, we then have to do the inner work called upon us to bring about the necessary changes. The thing, though, is that we already have all we need. We have it intrinsically.

Your vibrational frequency is your responsibility. You have to make the choice to own it, and to – if that is what you want, increase it.

Watch Teal Swan offer tools as to how we may increase our vibrational frequency. Re-creating the inner reality in such a conscious way, will obviously create major positive changes in all areas of our lives.

In other words, it is well worth the effort.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
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