Teal Swan: How To Use Your Intuition (The Still Small Voice)

Your intuition is perpetually talking to us

A vital and inevitable part of our spiritual growth and unfolding is to learn to tune into the still small voice within us. The voice that some people refer to as intuition.

Our intuition is terminally whispering words of love and wisdom to us. The question is whether we can hear it or not? For most people the answer to that question no. Or maybe not necessarily no, because most people probably can hear the still small voice. However they have learned not to pay that voice any heed – and so they simply disregard it.

At any given time, if we become still enough and are tuned in enough, we may hear our intuition. It perpetually giving us guidance and wisdom, as to what we need to do, what we need to know and so forth. The question is wether we have made it a priority to listen for and to it?

The intuition is that higher part of us that in a sense exits on the other side of Maya – the egoic illusion. It is our soul communicating with us. It is God talking to us. The intuition is also our future selves talking to us and guiding us along the path of growth and unfolding.

The still small voice talks many languages

Some people live with the perception that the intuition communicates only with images. That, however is not accurate. It is accurate however that some people are prone to catch images more than others. God in her infiniteness though is never limited or bound by only one form of communication and so our still small voice may also take the form of sounds, images, a sensation and an inner knowing.

Most likely there are may more forms of communication, but for most people they catch their still small voice through these four or five.

Tuning into the intuition

For most people there is an absolute array of thoughts streaming through their consciousness att all times. In addition to that most people are also so deeply trapped in time, that they have a hard time distinguishing their intuition from the opinionated voice of the ego or from all the input from the external world.

The question then arises, how do we tune in to that still small voice that we may hear and catch it’s messages? Well first and foremost we need to make up our minds that we will tune into it.

It is much like a radio that needs to tune into a particular frequency in order to pick up what a specific radio station is broadcasting. Then it is only a matter of going within on a regular and consistent basis. Sort of just like having one ear pointed inwardly (if we could point our ears), as oppose to having both ears pointed to the outside world.

As we start to become aware of the still small voice and learn to discern it from the other mental chatter we need to give it our conscious attention and learn to trust it. That way it grows in strength and clarity.

Watch Teal Swan give her perspective (as usual slightly unorthodox) on what the intuition, or the still small voice is. She also offers tools as to how to increase our ability to access it.

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