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The mission I recently caught has been confirmed, through the grace of God it has now expanded further. Thank you God for guiding and leading me forth.

Mission confirmed – I accept

About a week ago, through a sudden flash of insight, my mission was refined. I knew, to a degree, beyond what I have ever known before, what I am here to do. Yesterday at a family gathering, that mission was confirmed. And I accept. There is only Divine order and I bow to its perfection…
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This is allowing the vision to pull us, allowing the Divine order to move us into vibrational alignment with the field of sacred manifestation.

Allow your vision to pull you forth along your path

Oftentimes individuals perceive Life and the happenings it contains to be strokes of luck, chance, and haphazardness. They perceive Life to be happening to them, beyond their control. This, of course is never so, as there is only Divine order in the cosmos. The sacred laws are always operating pulling us toward the vision that…
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Your dream is a seed planted within you, by God. A seed that just like any seed has a life of its own. Your only job is to welcome it to grow and to expand.

Your dream is a Divine seed planted within you

Whatever you dream of, whatever your vision is – know that it is a seed planted within you by the infinite mind of God. A seed that has a life of its own. From the moment you said yes to that dream, that vision – your only job is to allow it to come forth.…
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At each fork along the road, I get to choose. I get to choose to hang on to the old or surrender to the new. Life truly is a blessing. Daniel Roquéo

Yet another fork in the road – by Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to join this blog post, titled: “Yet another fork in the road” by Daniel Roquéo. Here I go again In my experience, there is always a price to pay for continuing to grow and unfold. It is the price of releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves me. It…
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Having an intention gives meaning and direction to our lives. It provides a beacon toward which we may navigate. It gives direction for our attention.

Without intention we let the attention control our lives

If you ask the average individual what they want they will most likely not be able to give you an answer. The thing with people is that they don’t know what they really want and so they have no real intention in life. Another thing with most people is that have no or at best…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: The Life Visioning Process

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s The Life Visioning Process Sit back and enjoy your front row seat to the vision of your soul. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He is also the originator and founder of The Life Visioning Process. The Life Visioning process is where we make ourselves…
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Dain Heer: You have all the tools you need to change your world

All you need is intrinsically within you As we move through our lives, many individual desperately trying to find something. It may be happiness, joy, peace, abundance, health, love, light … you fill in the blank. While they are looking for a way to bring a sense of worth and value into their lives, they…
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Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

If you are reading this post you may know that there are universal laws governing our cosmos. You may have heard expressions and statements such as, “we are creating our reality all of the time“.  “That which you think about comes into manifestation.” Thoughts are an attractive force.”Things don’t just happen, they happen just.” Or…
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Caroline Myss: Choices that can Change your Life

The law of cause and effect states that every effect has a cause and that every cause has an effect. It also states that the same cause produces the same effect and that the same effects have the same causes. We, as humans are never really the originating cause of anything, but we are continuously…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: Activate Your Designer Genes

Within each and every one of us there is infinite potential, Divine creativity and a field of endless opportunities and possibilities just waiting for us to discover, activate and unleash. To activate means to make these gifts and resources work for us, not to get and accomplish anything (we are not here to get but…
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