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There is no lack, there in only abundance. You are always abundantly provided for - if you only allow it

You are always provided for

In each moment God is with you. In each and every moment you have more than you need (which is not saying that you always have all you want). This is so always, even when perhaps you are having an experience of lack and scarcity. There is only abundance. You are always abundantly provided for…
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The moments in between offer beautiful opportunities to build those spiritual muscles we need to move forward. Let's use them to invite the peace of God.

Make use of moments in between to build spiritual muscles

Formal spiritual practice is the very fundament for anyone who truly desires to consciously grow and unfold. It is through this formal practice that we make ourselves increasingly open and available to catch insights as to that which is true and real. That we may release and let go of the small and limiting beliefs…
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Breathe and Receive fully knowing that all of your needs are met always and forever. Know that God is forever for you never against you, always and forever.

Breathe and Receive – Heaven is right here

Do you oftentimes pray for God to give you this or that? Or do you believe that the good that you desire is somewhere out there. And that you cannot get it unless God gives it to you? If so, if you are waiting for God to come around, you will be waiting for a…
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At each fork along the road, I get to choose. I get to choose to hang on to the old or surrender to the new. Life truly is a blessing. Daniel Roquéo

Yet another fork in the road – by Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to join this blog post, titled: “Yet another fork in the road” by Daniel Roquéo. Here I go again In my experience, there is always a price to pay for continuing to grow and unfold. It is the price of releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves me. It…
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Alone time is as important to me as breathing – by Daniel Roquéo

Gradually I come to deeper and deeper realization that alone time, to me, is as important to me as breathing. For my sanity, for my spiritual growth and unfolding – it is a must. I cannot go without it. A time of discovery Over the last year or so, something has shifted within me. I…
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If you are serious about being a conscious participant in your souls evolution - adopting a childlike nature will help to anchor yourself in the Holy Now.

Adopt a childlike nature

One of the great challenges on the spiritual path is finding a way to keep one foot in time and the other in the Holy Now. The Holy Now is the eternal, that which is beyond time. Adopting a childlike nature is a simple yet powerful technique to move deeply into the Holy Now. Being…
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Eckhart Tolle: The Deeper Dimensions Of Stillness

Mental noise does not mean stillness is not there The incessant mental chatter is something most people are not aware of. They have not yet found or exercised the tools to discern between mental activity and real thinking. Most people have not had any conscious touch with the stillness that is within us at all…
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Eckhart Tolle: Are You (too) Searching for Happiness?

Why is it so hard to find happiness? In this Q & A session Eckhart is asked the excellent question of why happiness can’t be found. The individual asking the question admits to having looked for happiness for over 20 years and but they still haven’t found it. This is the perfect illustration of how…
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A documentary: The Reality of Truth

What most individual consider real is not really the Reality? Most people live with the perception that they know what reality is. They perceive the world through their five senses and come to the conclusion that what they perceive is real. Reality however is not always what our sensory perceptions tell us. Most often what…
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Eckhart Tolle – Abundance radiates from within

Abundance radiates from within Many individuals are living imprisoned by the egoic illusion of lack and separation. They have a perception of not having enough and they desperately seek to get that which they are lacking. They move along the path of life seeking and seeking. Only, for many people never to find what they…
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