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Michael Bernard Beckwith: From Wordless Word To Seeing Invisible World

Raise your gaze from the visible world to the invisible world If we are to make a difference on this planet. If we are to change the course of the race we need to exercise our attentional muscle. We need to move our attention away from the visible world and instead turn it toward the…
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Teal Swan – Releasing guilt and blame brought on by the Law of Attraction

Never place guilt or blame on yourself for experiences coming into your life The law of attraction basically states that likes attract like. You may have heard or read that it is your inner reality, your inner vibration, your inner truth that ultimately will manifest in your life. You may also have heard statements such…
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If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

What are you vibrating in harmony with?

If you have followed our previous posts and messages you have probably heard us talk about how all is energy vibrating with different frequencies. This goes for everything in our physical world, but it also goes for our inner mental and emotional worlds. All is vibrations Your thoughts are units of mental energy. Some thoughts…
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I know that God is forever for me, never against me. God and I are one, never separated other than by ignorance on my part and so I choose to trust in God.

I trust in God and so I surrender to the will of God

I know that God is forever for me, never against me. God and I are one, never separated other than by ignorance on my part. Even so, I choose to trust in God. I surrender to the presence of love and intelligence. Allowing for the will of God to be done in my life. I…
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You are eternally loved and appreciated by God – just for being you

God never makes a mistake. The infinite Spirit never has to make a do-over. In her infinite love, wisdom and intelligence God gets all things right the first time around. This, obviously includes our human incarnations. We are perpetually loved and appreciated by God. Simply because we are. God is infinite wisdom and intelligence Each…
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Teal Swan and J.P. Sears – The spiritual path from a slightly different perspective

Spiritual dogmas On the spiritual path it is easy to fall prey to dogmas and labels as to what it means to be spiritual. Spirituality is a path of liberation. Yet our egos tries to get involved making it into something to be achieved. We sometimes confuse spirituality with the lives and works of yogis…
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Anita Moorjani: Choosing love while dealing with global challenges

Choice is a function of awareness As the spiritual beings all of us are intrinsically endowed with the gift of independent thought. This is the same creative faculty that God has and it is in fact in this sense that we are said to be created in the image and likeness of God. This gift,…
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Eckhart Tolle – what is presence?

Presence is being Here and Now A word often used in spiritual conversations is the word presence. Or being present. We, here at The Love & Light Store often refers to it as being anchored in the Holy Now. What does it mean though to be present while still in the world? And what role…
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All is working for our good and it is so by Divine design - even when we cannot see or perceive the good in that which happens.

All is working for our good, let’s give perpetual thanks for it

God’s will is always for greater expression of all of life. That is God’s deepest desire and the ultimate will of God. As singular manifestations of God, that is what God desires for each and every one of us as well. To that end, God is for us never against us. All is working for…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: “Course Correction For Your Resurrection

Do you need o course correction? On our path of growth and unfolding it is well that we cultivate the habit of pausing to check our selves. Are we on path or do we need a course correction. In this high speed velocity society that we all live in, where everything happens so fast and…
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