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Without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the overflowing

All of our needs are met

God, is pure Love, it is not loving, she is LOVE. Since love may be defined as the unconditional, agenda less giving, without holding anything back, and without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: You Are So Sacred – Don’t Block the Magic

As the spiritual beings of Love & Light, unique and perfect in our expression, with a purpose and on purpose we are all sacred beings, here having an important mission here on earth. It has been stated time and time again, by both science and by great teachers, sages and avatars that have walked the…
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We are not here to make anything happen only to make welcome

Most people live with the misconception that they are here to make things happen. That they are to originate something or to be the cause of something. And for many people that something is to be as much as possible. We are not here to make anything happen – only to make it welcome. You…
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Abraham Hicks: The Law Of Attraction (LoA) – part two

As the vibrational spiritual beings that we are, with the inherent gift of independent thinking we need to realize that our thoughts are mental energy with the same attractive and repelling qualities as all other energetic objects. If we want to be conscious about what we are creating and we are creating in each and…
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We can simply surrender to the fact that the circumstance is beyond our ability in the moment and say. "Help me God, I can't do it. Do it through me".

God I can’t do it! Help me; do it through me

Along the path of awakening, we, from time to time are faced with challenges that seem too great for us to handle. These are the times when we are called to surrender to the loving grace of God and ask God for help. Not asking God to solve the challenge for us, but that God…
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If you have seen The Secret or any other movies in that genre you are probably familiar with the Law of Attraction LOA, which is what Bob is explaining here

Bob Proctor: The Search for Meaning, episode 4

In this, the fourth episode in Bob Proctors series The Search for Meaning he moves into the realm of vibrations. Where Bob begin to describe the Law of Attraction, LOA for short The Law of Attraction, LOA All is energy. That’s just another way of saying that all is God. God is energy and energy…
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What is trying to emerge through you right now?

What is trying to emerge through me right now? This is one of the most powerful and transformational question any of us can ask ourselves. It is also the start of point in visioning, where we via meditation go online with God that we may be open, available and receptive to catch the next step…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life visioning process – what is trying to emerge through you

As the spiritual beings of Love & Light that we all are, here to know God and to allow for God to come into it’s greatest and grandest expression in and through our lives, we need to constantly surrender to that which is trying to emerge through us – and there is always something trying…
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Panache Desai: Healing with the Masters, 3 – Surrendering

In this session of the conversation between Panache Desai and Jennifer McLean titled “Healing with the Master” they go into talking about surrendering. God is good, God is always for us and since God is all encompassing, God is Life. This means that Life is also good, and also perennially for us. This is something…
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God is always there broadcasting guidance and wisdom. We only need to go online with God to be available to it that we can receive it.

Is being online with God your top priority?

Do you ever go online to check the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any of the other social media sites? And when you do, they are always there instantly providing you with what’s going on in the lives of your friends and family. Going online with God is exactly the same. It makes…
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