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Alone time is as important to me as breathing – by Daniel Roquéo

Gradually I come to deeper and deeper realization that alone time, to me, is as important to me as breathing. For my sanity, for my spiritual growth and unfolding – it is a must. I cannot go without it. A time of discovery Over the last year or so, something has shifted within me. I…
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If you are serious about being a conscious participant in your souls evolution - adopting a childlike nature will help to anchor yourself in the Holy Now.

Adopt a childlike nature

One of the great challenges on the spiritual path is finding a way to keep one foot in time and the other in the Holy Now. The Holy Now is the eternal, that which is beyond time. Adopting a childlike nature is a simple yet powerful technique to move deeply into the Holy Now. Being…
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Teal Swan and J.P. Sears – The spiritual path from a slightly different perspective

Spiritual dogmas On the spiritual path it is easy to fall prey to dogmas and labels as to what it means to be spiritual. Spirituality is a path of liberation. Yet our egos tries to get involved making it into something to be achieved. We sometimes confuse spirituality with the lives and works of yogis…
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Eckhart Tolle – Learn to Live in the (Holy) NOW

Society is filled with noise Most of us humans are literally subject to the incessant bombarding of information.  Of what is going on in the world. About the seeming uprise in negativity and violence. The latest fashion trends and so on. Oftentimes this information is filled to overflowing with someone’s opinions. Most of this information…
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Are you experiencing fear, worry, or doubt? If yes, taking that conscious breath that moves you deep into the present moment, is the way to go.

The present moment is the only place we will ever need to be

Sometimes it is all but impossible to keep the egoic projections of fear, worry and doubt in check. In these challenging moments, the only (true) way of finding salvation is to keep coming back to the present moment. This is the only place where we will find the peace that passes human understanding. It is…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: Turning tombstones into steppingstones

Join Michael Bernard Beckwith as he once again reminds us that no one of us needs to be a victim of circumstances – that we may turn seeming tombstones to steppingstones to vibrationally go higher and higher. As we all inherently have the Divine gift of independent thinking allowing us to think independently of any…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: You Are So Sacred – Don’t Block the Magic

As the spiritual beings of Love & Light, unique and perfect in our expression, with a purpose and on purpose we are all sacred beings, here having an important mission here on earth. It has been stated time and time again, by both science and by great teachers, sages and avatars that have walked the…
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An individuals inner reality is their most fundamental inner beliefs; that which they know, that they know, that they know. It is their core vibration.

The inner reality is that which you Know that you Know that you Know

The inner reality, or the subconscious mind as it is called in other places – is that which we know that we know that we know. It is our core beliefs, perceptions and opinions. Our inner reality is the lens through which we view and interpret life. It is our most predominant vibration, determining which…
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Abraham Hicks: The Law Of Attraction – part five: vibrational harmony

In the bible it is said to be written – “Ask and you shall Receive”. These five little words beautifully sums up the process of creation. Many people ask, but the fail to be the receiver of that for which they ask. Receiving is just as crucial as asking – it is the opposite sides…
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being unconscious is not something that can be cured or remedied, but it is a state of ignorance only possible in the absence of Light.

Being unconscious is dissolved as we move into the Holy Now

Spiritual consciousness is not something to be gained. It is what we all are, inherently. This means that being unconscious is not something that can be cured, healed or remedied. Unconsciousness is a state of ignorance only possible in the absence of Light. Light does not come from the world, it is radiated into the…
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