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God is not some anthropomorphic man in the sky. God is not capricious or needy. Nor does God ever demand anything of any of us. God is unconditional Love.

God, what is it and what is the loving will of God?

Most individuals, whether they know it or not – have a relationship with God. Some turn to the loving presence for guidance and support. Others turn to it when in need or despair. Yet others denounce the existence of a Spirit with fervor and passion. But who and what is God? And what is the…
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We invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title: "I am grateful for who I am and where I am"

I am grateful for who I am and where I am

We lovingly invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title “I am grateful for who I am and where I am“ I am grateful for who I am and where I am I am in a space of rebirth right now. Who I used to be is dissolving and…
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Breathe and Receive fully knowing that all of your needs are met always and forever. Know that God is forever for you never against you, always and forever.

Breathe and Receive – Heaven is right here

Do you oftentimes pray for God to give you this or that? Or do you believe that the good that you desire is somewhere out there. And that you cannot get it unless God gives it to you? If so, if you are waiting for God to come around, you will be waiting for a…
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Teal Swan – Releasing guilt and blame brought on by the Law of Attraction

Never place guilt or blame on yourself for experiences coming into your life The law of attraction basically states that likes attract like. You may have heard or read that it is your inner reality, your inner vibration, your inner truth that ultimately will manifest in your life. You may also have heard statements such…
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You are eternally loved and appreciated by God – just for being you

God never makes a mistake. The infinite Spirit never has to make a do-over. In her infinite love, wisdom and intelligence God gets all things right the first time around. This, obviously includes our human incarnations. We are perpetually loved and appreciated by God. Simply because we are. God is infinite wisdom and intelligence Each…
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Anita Moorjani: Choosing love while dealing with global challenges

Choice is a function of awareness As the spiritual beings all of us are intrinsically endowed with the gift of independent thought. This is the same creative faculty that God has and it is in fact in this sense that we are said to be created in the image and likeness of God. This gift,…
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Becoming a Divine Creator is participating in the creative process in such a way that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity.

Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. It is one of the sacred laws governing our universe through the process of creation. But how, exactly does this creative process work? Knowing this is essential for anyone seeking to become a Divine Creator, or…
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Authenticity: Panache Desai interviewed by Women For One

Authenticity is aligning our human and our spiritual aspects Authenticity, as Gary Zukav defines is aligning our personal self with our soul. This is a beautiful way of describing it. It beautifully points to the fact that there is nothing we need to add onto ourselves. There is nothing we need to become. We simply…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith – Are You Ready For Greatness to emerge

In each moment there is greatness and excellence trying to emerge in and through us. However, we need to make ourselves open, available and receptive to it. Through spiritual practices such as gratitude, meditation and being online with God, through affirmative prayer and sacred service. Greatness is not something we achieve, it is something we…
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Eckhart Tolle – The ego and enlightenment

If you haven’t already experienced you are most likely bound to experience your ego creeping into your growth and unfolding making the process of enlightenment or awakening something to strive for or something to achieve. You may experience a sense of satisfaction and pride over how far you have come, how enlightened you have become…
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