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I have been trying to make it happen

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing discomfort within. Most of the joy, the inspiration and the creativity that I have becomes so used to have been missing. Yesterday, I was guided to realize the reason for this. In my creative endeavors, I have been trying to make it happen rather than seeking…
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Thank you for the lesson I am being given

We invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title “Thank you for the lesson I am being given“ The lesson is coming back Right now I am experiencing a recurring lesson. It is one that has been coming back to me many, many times. Apparently, I have not yet…
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We invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title: "I am grateful for who I am and where I am"

I am grateful for who I am and where I am

We lovingly invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title “I am grateful for who I am and where I am“ I am grateful for who I am and where I am I am in a space of rebirth right now. Who I used to be is dissolving and…
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Breathe and Receive fully knowing that all of your needs are met always and forever. Know that God is forever for you never against you, always and forever.

Breathe and Receive – Heaven is right here

Do you oftentimes pray for God to give you this or that? Or do you believe that the good that you desire is somewhere out there. And that you cannot get it unless God gives it to you? If so, if you are waiting for God to come around, you will be waiting for a…
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The Dark Night of The Soul, is nothing but a blessing - once we come to realize what it is. The darkness and also known as ego blindness then is truly something to be grateful about, to appreciate.

The Dark Night of The Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul Inevitably along the spiritual path that are times and periods when the Light that used to shine so bright and clear seems to have vanished. It is often referred to as the dark night of the soul or ego blindness. It is as though darkness is all there is.…
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Thank you God for my not feeling good

I am not here to be happy all the time For a few days now I have been in an awful mood. I have not been feeling good at all. I have been edgy, irritable and sort of restless. And I thank God for it. Had this been a few years back, I would have…
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At each fork along the road, I get to choose. I get to choose to hang on to the old or surrender to the new. Life truly is a blessing. Daniel Roquéo

Yet another fork in the road – by Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to join this blog post, titled: “Yet another fork in the road” by Daniel Roquéo. Here I go again In my experience, there is always a price to pay for continuing to grow and unfold. It is the price of releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves me. It…
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If the only prayer you say is thank you, that will suffice

Meister Eckhart supposedly said: “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you – that will suffice.” If you have ever truly allowed yourself to immerse yourself in gratitude and thanksgiving – you have most likely on some level realized the truth of this. You are a vibrational being You are a vibrational being.…
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Confusion – a spiritual blessing by Daniel Roquéo

Confusion, contrary to popular belief, is a beautiful state of transformation. In times of growth and expansion, the ego temporarily go blind, which is when confusion emerges. The old is dissolving and the new is emerging, and in that place and state, we loose our bearings. It is truly a blessing. Confusion has taken hold…
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If you are serious about being a conscious participant in your souls evolution - adopting a childlike nature will help to anchor yourself in the Holy Now.

Adopt a childlike nature

One of the great challenges on the spiritual path is finding a way to keep one foot in time and the other in the Holy Now. The Holy Now is the eternal, that which is beyond time. Adopting a childlike nature is a simple yet powerful technique to move deeply into the Holy Now. Being…
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