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If the only prayer you say is thank you, that will suffice

Meister Eckhart supposedly said: “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you – that will suffice.” If you have ever truly allowed yourself to immerse yourself in gratitude and thanksgiving – you have most likely on some level realized the truth of this. You are a vibrational being You are a vibrational being.…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: The Life Visioning Process

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s The Life Visioning Process Sit back and enjoy your front row seat to the vision of your soul. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He is also the originator and founder of The Life Visioning Process. The Life Visioning process is where we make ourselves…
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To raise the gaze beyond our present circumstances is the only way to truly go above and beyond them, calling forth that which we deisre into manifestation.

Raise the gaze – to go above and beyond your present circumstances

As we move into deeper and deeper realization of the sacred laws, it becomes more and more important that we learn to raise the gaze from our present circumstances to that which we desire see manifested. The sacred laws are immutable, they care only about what we are interested in, and so looking at that…
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Many people get stuck at the level of asking. They have not yet learned that asking is not enough. They need to be allowing in order to receive.

Allowing is the tricky part in receiving

As we embark upon the path of sacred manifestation, we eventually come to realize that we are not here to make anything happen but simply allow that which is happening to happen in and through us. However, allowing is not as easy as it sounds. Ask and you shall receive On the spiritual path, we…
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Eckhart Tolle: Are You (too) Searching for Happiness?

Why is it so hard to find happiness? In this Q & A session Eckhart is asked the excellent question of why happiness can’t be found. The individual asking the question admits to having looked for happiness for over 20 years and but they still haven’t found it. This is the perfect illustration of how…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: From Wordless Word To Seeing Invisible World

Raise your gaze from the visible world to the invisible world If we are to make a difference on this planet. If we are to change the course of the race we need to exercise our attentional muscle. We need to move our attention away from the visible world and instead turn it toward the…
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Teal Swan – Releasing guilt and blame brought on by the Law of Attraction

Never place guilt or blame on yourself for experiences coming into your life The law of attraction basically states that likes attract like. You may have heard or read that it is your inner reality, your inner vibration, your inner truth that ultimately will manifest in your life. You may also have heard statements such…
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If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

What are you vibrating in harmony with?

If you have followed our previous posts and messages you have probably heard us talk about how all is energy vibrating with different frequencies. This goes for everything in our physical world, but it also goes for our inner mental and emotional worlds. All is vibrations Your thoughts are units of mental energy. Some thoughts…
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Bob Proctor: what is the law of vibration?

All is energy vibrating with different frequencies If you are reading this post you probably know that you are a vibrational being. That is that you are an energetic vibration, eternally sending vibrational messages to the world. Your body is energy, your clothes are energy even your thoughts are units of mental energy. The Law…
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Eckhart Tolle – Abundance radiates from within

Abundance radiates from within Many individuals are living imprisoned by the egoic illusion of lack and separation. They have a perception of not having enough and they desperately seek to get that which they are lacking. They move along the path of life seeking and seeking. Only, for many people never to find what they…
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