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Anita Moorjani: Choosing love while dealing with global challenges

Choice is a function of awareness As the spiritual beings all of us are intrinsically endowed with the gift of independent thought. This is the same creative faculty that God has and it is in fact in this sense that we are said to be created in the image and likeness of God. This gift,…
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Becoming a Divine Creator is participating in the creative process in such a way that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity.

Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. It is one of the sacred laws governing our universe through the process of creation. But how, exactly does this creative process work? Knowing this is essential for anyone seeking to become a Divine Creator, or…
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Authenticity: Panache Desai interviewed by Women For One

Authenticity is aligning our human and our spiritual aspects Authenticity, as Gary Zukav defines is aligning our personal self with our soul. This is a beautiful way of describing it. It beautifully points to the fact that there is nothing we need to add onto ourselves. There is nothing we need to become. We simply…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 7: finding the courage

In this the seventh episode Bob Proctor goes into talking about courage. We have so far learned the self image and how it is either empowering us or inhibits us, we have learned about how to re-create the image to allow for a new self to emerge, but make no mistake about it. As you…
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Anita Moorjani – Connecting with your inner Guidance

God is forever talking to us and since God is all and is in all it means that the ways God is talking to us are infinite – it may be a characters line in a movie, it may be a billboard message, it may be something we’ve heard on the radio, maybe we overheard…
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Our Real Self is always trying to emerge more and more fully in and through us and in that process we need to release that which hinders and blocks us

I allow for my little self to die and for my Real Self to emerge

In the process of awakening where we need to surrender to the process and constantly allow for our old little self to die and for the new, forever greater and grander versions of ourselves, our Real Self to emerge. Doing the inner work is mandatory for the awakening individual As we consciously take part in…
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Dr Dain Heer: 7 Things The Universe Would Tell You

As the spiritual beings of Love & Light that we are, made in the image and likeness of the Universe there is so much more to each and every one of us than meets the eye. In fact there is infinitely more than meets the eye. Of course the Universe is always speaking to us…
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Try this powerful evening routine to end your day in a high vibration

We would like to share a powerful evening routine. If you use it regularly and consistently will bring about beautiful results. In terms of ending the day in a peaceful and beautiful vibration. Give thanks, forgive and offer a prayer for those in need. A powerful evening routine for elevating your vibration This evening routine…
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Consciously re-creating the inner reality is tough work, in fact it is really, really tough work, but it can be done through focus and repetition

Consciously re-creating our inner reality is really tough work

As we, along the spiritual path, gradually come to the awareness, that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. That everything radiates from within us – we come to realize that in order for our external conditions to change, we first need to change within. Recreating our inner reality, however is, really tough work. Work…
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Love is allowing another to be where they are yet seeing who they truly are

Love may be described as the unconditional giving, totally and fully – giving with no agenda. From that perspective love towards another being is allowing them to where they are. All the while seeing their true nature within. This means getting trapped by the appearance of them. Regardless of what that appearance is. The Love…
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