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You are living in a feeling universe. A universe that corresponds to your feeling tone, the nature of your song. Feel it, speak it, and you will see it.

You need to feel it if you want to see it

When we talk about sacred and Divine manifestation, you need to realize that the sacred laws do not only respond to what you think. But even more so to what you feel. It is what you predominantly feel that sends the most powerful vibration into time and space and is picked up and mirrored back…
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In this challenge, my lesson is to learn to deepen my trust in the goodness of God and the Divine order, rather than trusting the fearful ego.

I’ve got to trust God more than fear

Right now, since about a week back, I find myself deep in a tremendous challenge. I have been through many challenges before and so I know what they are about. I know that they are divine blessings of transformation. Stair steps toward greater levels of consciousness. However, right now it is all I can do…
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We lovingly invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title "I choose to trust God more than fear".

I choose to trust God more than fear – by Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to enjoy this personal blog post by Daniel Roquéo, with the title “I choose to trust God more than fear” Yesterday I was struck by an immense amount of fear. Pretty much out of nowhere. All of a sudden my attention was pulled to outer circumstances. Circumstances that have been as they…
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Dream the Life that you desire and you will live the dream. This is conscious manifestation, aligning with the sacred laws and the order in the cosmos

Dream the Life to Live the Dream

There is nothing but Divine Order in the cosmos. Nothing ever happens out of chance, or luck, or coincidence. There is only cause and effect. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. The sacred laws are as impersonal as they are immutable – which means that you need to truly dream the life if you are…
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Bob Proctor: let’s talk about money

Also The word money carries a powerful emotional charge For many people the subject of money carries a strong emotional charge. Some people love money and some people hate it. For most people their relation to it is negative. There are few topics that so many people have opinions of as the topic of money.…
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Bob Proctor – Understanding the fear

Fear, worry and doubt are for many individuals great stumbling blocks that prevent them from going further, from taking that leap, from making that choice. In most cases fear, worry and doubt are born out of the ego and the illusion of lack and separation giving rise to the ego’s limited perception.  Although it might…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 9: going beyond fear

These last two episodes of Bob Proctors program You Were Born Rich is where Bob guides and encourages us to go beyond fear, worry and doubt and start to take action on the vision that has emerged through us. At this point we would like to remind you who have been following this program that…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 7: finding the courage

In this the seventh episode Bob Proctor goes into talking about courage. We have so far learned the self image and how it is either empowering us or inhibits us, we have learned about how to re-create the image to allow for a new self to emerge, but make no mistake about it. As you…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 6: the new you emerges

As you now have learned how to consciously create a new self (or an inner reality) you need to allow for that new you to integrate with your subconscious and then allow it to come forth through you. This, is all about allowing and making welcome. We have on a number of occasions talked about…
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Are you experiencing fear, worry, or doubt? If yes, taking that conscious breath that moves you deep into the present moment, is the way to go.

The present moment is the only place we will ever need to be

Sometimes it is all but impossible to keep the egoic projections of fear, worry and doubt in check. In these challenging moments, the only (true) way of finding salvation is to keep coming back to the present moment. This is the only place where we will find the peace that passes human understanding. It is…
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