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Anita Moorjani: Choosing love while dealing with global challenges

Choice is a function of awareness As the spiritual beings all of us are intrinsically endowed with the gift of independent thought. This is the same creative faculty that God has and it is in fact in this sense that we are said to be created in the image and likeness of God. This gift,…
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Anita Moorjani – Connecting with your inner Guidance

God is forever talking to us and since God is all and is in all it means that the ways God is talking to us are infinite – it may be a characters line in a movie, it may be a billboard message, it may be something we’ve heard on the radio, maybe we overheard…
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Anita Moorjani: The biggest lessons I learned on the other side

Anita Moorjani, while in a state of come, moved from this plane of life to another plane of life and then came back. In this short talk she describes what the most valuable lesson she learned was. As she speaks we invite you to remember that it is our inner reality that ultimately manifest as…
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