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Becoming a Divine Creator is participating in the creative process in such a way that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity.

Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. It is one of the sacred laws governing our universe through the process of creation. But how, exactly does this creative process work? Knowing this is essential for anyone seeking to become a Divine Creator, or…
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Stopping, being grateful and giving thanks on a continuous basis throughout the day and allows for more and more good to flow into your life.

Being grateful aligns you to receiving

As we grow and unfold it is only natural to look for evidence of our growth. One of them is our tendency to become more and more grateful. Over time being grateful becomes second nature to us. We come to realize that all is working for our good and that we in each moment have…
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Jack Canfield on creating a Vision Board and the art of visualization

The art of visualization is a very good supplement to the spiritual practices of visioning and affirmative prayer. In this video Jack Canfield offers a description on how we can use vision boards as we are learning to deliberately creating our lives. If you have read any of our other posts you have probably come…
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Self love affirmation for an inner realization of worth and value

If you are struggling with thoughts of self worth, and value this self love affirmation and the story behind it may be helpful to you. It is offered by one of The Love & Light Store team member. Up until his late twenties was struggling with low self esteem and self love. A case of…
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In this video message Gregg Braden offers his perspective on what we would call affirmative prayer, both as a scientist and as and awakened being.

Gregg Braden: How to pray in an affirmative or scientific way

Many people use prayers as a way asking (begging or beseeching) God to help and assist them in various ways. There is another way of praying though, it is called affirmative prayer. The Law of Attraction Everything is energy vibrating with different frequencies. Even our thoughts are units of mental energy with different vibrations. That…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 6: the new you emerges

As you now have learned how to consciously create a new self (or an inner reality) you need to allow for that new you to integrate with your subconscious and then allow it to come forth through you. This, is all about allowing and making welcome. We have on a number of occasions talked about…
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Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 5: creating a new self

This is the fifth episode of Bob Proctors program You Were Born Rich. The time has now come to take one step closer into becoming Divine Creators, which is were we not only work in accordance with the universal laws but also were we go online with God and allow for God (and our future…
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Try this powerful evening routine to end your day in a high vibration

We would like to share a powerful evening routine. If you use it regularly and consistently will bring about beautiful results. In terms of ending the day in a peaceful and beautiful vibration. Give thanks, forgive and offer a prayer for those in need. A powerful evening routine for elevating your vibration This evening routine…
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Consciously re-creating the inner reality is tough work, in fact it is really, really tough work, but it can be done through focus and repetition

Consciously re-creating our inner reality is really tough work

As we, along the spiritual path, gradually come to the awareness, that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. That everything radiates from within us – we come to realize that in order for our external conditions to change, we first need to change within. Recreating our inner reality, however is, really tough work. Work…
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Without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the overflowing

All of our needs are met

God, is pure Love, it is not loving, she is LOVE. Since love may be defined as the unconditional, agenda less giving, without holding anything back, and without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the…
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