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You are living in a feeling universe. A universe that corresponds to your feeling tone, the nature of your song. Feel it, speak it, and you will see it.

You need to feel it if you want to see it

When we talk about sacred and Divine manifestation, you need to realize that the sacred laws do not only respond to what you think. But even more so to what you feel. It is what you predominantly feel that sends the most powerful vibration into time and space and is picked up and mirrored back…
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Do you pray? Do you know that humans, by nature are prayerful beings? As a vibrational being, what you feel the most is your most powerful prayer.

What you feel is your most powerful prayer

Do you pray? Whenever the need arises, or on a regular basis? Do you know that humans, by nature are prayerful beings? As a vibrational being, what you feel the most is your most powerful prayer. Even when you are not aware that you are praying. You are a vibrational being You live in a…
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If we want to experience increased financial abundance in our lives, we need to talk about it with the feeling tone that it has already manifested.

We need to talk about it, to it, and from it

Changing any habit is hard work. Yet, moving into the field of Sacred manifestation is perhaps the hardest work there is as we need to be conscious of what vibration we are emitting. Not only from time to time but all of the time. A powerful practice to vibrationally align ourselves with that which we…
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At each fork along the road, I get to choose. I get to choose to hang on to the old or surrender to the new. Life truly is a blessing. Daniel Roquéo

Yet another fork in the road – by Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to join this blog post, titled: “Yet another fork in the road” by Daniel Roquéo. Here I go again In my experience, there is always a price to pay for continuing to grow and unfold. It is the price of releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves me. It…
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As awakening individuals we seek to through the eyes of God, beyond circumstances and our little perceptions. It is activating Divine right seeing.

Seek to see the world through the eyes of God

Along the path of awakening, what we are gradually doing is learning to see the world through the eyes of God. Beyond, perceptions, beyond circumstances and appearances. As awakening individuals we are activating our right seeing. The world is made up of perceptions It has been stated that the world is made up of perceptions.…
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using emotionally backed affirmations is a powerful tool in helping us consciously manifest even when we are caught up in negative experiences.

Use emotionally backed affirmations

You are probably familiar with the concept affirmations as a technique to manifest and bring into fruition. Affirmations, or Affirmative Prayer is when we describe that which we desire to experience as though it were already here. A key ingredient in this is to not only recite but to also feel as though we already…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith: The Life Visioning Process

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s The Life Visioning Process Sit back and enjoy your front row seat to the vision of your soul. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He is also the originator and founder of The Life Visioning Process. The Life Visioning process is where we make ourselves…
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To raise the gaze beyond our present circumstances is the only way to truly go above and beyond them, calling forth that which we deisre into manifestation.

Raise the gaze – to go above and beyond your present circumstances

As we move into deeper and deeper realization of the sacred laws, it becomes more and more important that we learn to raise the gaze from our present circumstances to that which we desire see manifested. The sacred laws are immutable, they care only about what we are interested in, and so looking at that…
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Bob Proctor: what is the law of vibration?

All is energy vibrating with different frequencies If you are reading this post you probably know that you are a vibrational being. That is that you are an energetic vibration, eternally sending vibrational messages to the world. Your body is energy, your clothes are energy even your thoughts are units of mental energy. The Law…
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Teal Swan: How to raise and increase our vibrational frequency

How we feel lets us become aware of our vibrational frequency We are all vibrational beings constantly emitting energetic vibrations to the world. As you probably know it is our inner reality and our inner state that dictates what experiences we invite into our lives. If you have seen the movie the Secret you may…
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