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Bob Proctor: The Search for meaning, episode 3

In this episode of the series The search for Meaning, Bob Proctor reflects upon what has given him meaning. He goes on to say that he seeks every day to have a meaning to it, that as the day comes to an end there is within him a sense of having had a meaningful day.…
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Bob Proctor: The Search for meaning, episode 2

This is the second episode of the series The Search for Meaning by Bob Proctor. In this episode Bob teaches about the greatest that we have: the Divine gift of independent thinking. We all have it inherently, most humans though, never wake up to realize it. This gift of independent thinking is what enables us…
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Bob Proctor: The Search for meaning, episode 1

Our world is changing and we inevitable have to change with it. Not only because the survival of the human race depends on it, but also because change is the only thing that is constant in the cosmos. Throughout all of universe the evolutionary impulse runs compelling all of life to grow and unfold. More…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life visioning process – what is trying to emerge through you

As the spiritual beings of Love & Light that we all are, here to know God and to allow for God to come into it’s greatest and grandest expression in and through our lives, we need to constantly surrender to that which is trying to emerge through us – and there is always something trying…
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Michael Bernard Beckwith – Volition With Permission

Michael Bernard Beckwith at a Wednesday service at the Agape Spiritual center. Rev Beckwith’s teaching segment starts 39 min into the service but we invite you to watch the whole service. The topic of the evening is: Volition with permission and the reverend talks about willingly surrender to the next stage of our own evolution, allowing…
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The Spirit of God is all, is in all and is in everything

ALL of the spirit of God is in all and ALL of God is everywhere. There is no being, place or event that is not in or that is not of God. Realizing this is one of they major keys to spiritual transformation. Thus to the inner peace and harmony that comes with it. The…
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The Secret – the movie

Rhonda Byrne’s epic movie The Secret that in many ways helped create global awareness of the universal laws governing all of existence and in particular the Law Of Attraction. Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited This movie beautifully illustrates how nothing comes into our experience uninvited, that it is our inner reality (the conscious…
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Tony Robbins on the importance of belief in achieving anything

Whatever our inner reality is, will determine our outer reality. It can be in no other way. In this video Tony Robbins discusses what separates those who become great manifestors from those who remain not so great. In a previous post you will find a video where Bob Proctor explains how to gain the inner…
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Bob Proctor on the key ingredient of success

What is success? Bob Proctor (featured in The Secret) is a renowned teacher  on human potential and behavior. It is amazing how we, in school, have been taught to constantly look to our outer circumstances to dictate who we are, what we are worth, what we are capable of. All of us are made in the…
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Dr Bruce Lipton – The biology of belief

In this video Dr Bruce Lipton beautifully explains how we are not product of our history or are genes