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Becoming a Divine Creator is participating in the creative process in such a way that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity.

Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. It is one of the sacred laws governing our universe through the process of creation. But how, exactly does this creative process work? Knowing this is essential for anyone seeking to become a Divine Creator, or…
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Panache Desai: applying spirituality in life and business

Applying Spirituality In their first conversation Panache Desai and Kelly McNelis from Women For One were talking about authenticity. They talked about how to align our personality with our soul. In this the follow up conversation the main topic is applying spirituality in every area of our lives. Applying spirituality is going beyond spiritual dogmas…
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Tony Robbins: External success is an inside job

What is success? Success is oftentimes measured by an individual ability to achieve or accomplish anything. Obviously that is no all there is to the true meaning of success. However since allowing ourselves to come into greater and grander expression is a part of our purpose here on the planet, we feel this video by…
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Eckhart Tolle and Oprah: abundance and gratitude go hand in hand

Everything is radiated from within – nothing ever really comes from outside of us. This is the foundation for all of creation and so adopting a feeling tone of abundance and gratitude is vital to anyone who desires for a greater and fuller life. Everything is energy moving with different vibrations. Even us, as spiritual…
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Ever wondered why certain experiences come into your life? Well, it is because they have been radiated from within you, that you may learn a new lesson.

All radiates from within you

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction. It basically says that we, through the power of focus and attention, may attract anything into our lives. Although widely popular, being the theme of movies such as The Secret, the law of attraction is actually not entirely correct. However, there is another Law behind it.…
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We are always provided for – if we only allow for it

We are always provided for and we always have all of our needs met. If only we through gratitude and right seeing would allow for it to be so. The illusion of lack and separation The human condition is one of great misunderstanding and ignorance – not by ill will but simply from the lack…
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Dr Dain Heer – Five Steps to Easy Creation

In the whole of the Universe there is only order. There are no effects without causes and all causes have effects. The same causes give the same effects and the same effects have the same causes. In the light of this, Divine Creation is simple – it is not always easy, maybe it rarely is…
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Bob Proctor: Live Questions and Answering session

The Universe is forever and perpetually answering all of our questions. The thing for most individuals is that they keep getting answers which will not help them grow and unfold. For the average individual there are two obstacles they need to overcome in order to be able to receive empowering answers, answers that will excel…
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Bob Proctor – Financial abundance radiates from within

The subject of money and financial abundance is a very sensitive topic to most people. For some reason most of us humans have come to perceive money as something bad or negative and often we refer it to some religion or another. God (who is not religious, by the way) have no desire or see…
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Stopping, being grateful and giving thanks on a continuous basis throughout the day and allows for more and more good to flow into your life.

Being grateful aligns you to receiving

As we grow and unfold it is only natural to look for evidence of our growth. One of them is our tendency to become more and more grateful. Over time being grateful becomes second nature to us. We come to realize that all is working for our good and that we in each moment have…
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