Tony Robbins: External success is an inside job

What is success?

Success is oftentimes measured by an individual ability to achieve or accomplish anything. Obviously that is no all there is to the true meaning of success. However since allowing ourselves to come into greater and grander expression is a part of our purpose here on the planet, we feel this video by Tony Robbins is in alignment with the purpose and mission of The Love & Light Store.

Most people don’t really know what they want

The average individual don’t really know what they want. They are fairly good at articulating all that they don’t want. But they are not trained in knowing what they do want. And so most individuals never create visions or intentions. Therefore they are never really in control of their lives.

They are like leaf in the fall storm. Seemingly randomly tossed about from one place to another. No direction, no purpose, no vision leading and guiding them forth. Where there is no intention, the attention of the world reigns.

We are all here to allow ourselves to come into greater and grander expressions of ourselves. Since many of those who do embark on creative endeavors don’t really make it, this video with Tony Robbins may be helpful.

It is all about vibrations

As with all creations, whatever our predominant vibration, whatever our inner reality or truth is, will ultimately manifest in our outer reality. When there is an inner vibrational match there is nothing that can stand in the way of us manifesting anything. And so, creating that vibrational match is where it all starts.

In this sense success is an inside job, we need to consciously re-create our inner reality to match that which we desire to manifest. When we have that, or at least have begun to articulate that vision or intention, we then need to turn our attention to what we must change within ourselves to align ourselves with that vision.

What skills do we need to acquire or develop, what traits or habits do we need to let go of and release? It is through our willingness to change and grow into our vision that we make it welcome to emerge in and through us.

We cannot expect our outside to change and not be willing to change ourselves. Through Michael Bernard Beckwith’s powerful Life Visioning Process we will catch the answers to these questions.

In this video Tony Robbins shares three other fundamental keys to being successful in achieving or manifesting something.

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