Visioning – the art of seeing that which cannot be seen

As spiritual beings of Love & Light, here to reveal the face of God through us. We are here to allow for always greater and grander version of ourselves to emerge. And so there is always something wishing to emerge in and through us and our lives.

What is trying to emerge through you in this very moment?

This something is beyond what we can imagine since that which we can imagine is bound and limited by our past experiences. However, we, in essence, are all infinite beings with inherent infinite potential.

It is God‘s deepest desire that we become aware of this truth, allowing us to tap into and release this infinite potential.

It is then and only then that we may enter into the field of infinite possibilities. Allowing ourselves to become excellent, shining and radiant emanations of the most High.

Visioning is going beyond the imagination

Obviously, we cannot grasp this infiniteness with our finite bodies and minds. Even our imagination or fantasy have limits to them. We do not want to let ourselves set the limits or boundaries for what is possible or not.

It is God’s deepest desire that each and every one of us may become the most magnificent and radiant expression of our individual and unique soul.

And so God is always guiding us into that expression from one level of excellence to another. This is where visioning comes in as a spiritual practice.

Visioning is the process of making ourselves open, available and receptive. That we may become aware and catch that which is trying to emerge in and through us and our lives.

Now, the process of visioning may be described as having two stages, one being more active and the other being more passive.

The first stage, which is the more active one, is where we consciously create a space to vision through meditation.

Visioning is surrendering to the will of God

Visioning is a process where we ask God questions. Anchored in the Holy Now, we ask questions like; What is trying to emerge through me right now? We ask the question and become still to hear the answer as it comes to us.

In other words, we are not trying to answer the question ourselves in our minds or with our intellects. We just go online with God and activate our deep listening scanning ourselves for the answer to be revealed.

Now for some individuals the answer may come as a sound or a voice. To others it may come as images. For yet others it may come as an inner knowing or a feeling.

As you vision, try not to judge the way answers come to you. Just listen within and allow the answer to your question to come to you.

It is God’s desire that you are able to catch that which is trying to emerge in and through you. And so God will answer the question in a way that you can understand. You only need to be willing to receive the answer.

We are not here to make anything happen. It is not our job or responsibility to do so. We need not be concerned with the Hows of it – only the What. As we have caught the What – our job is to make that What welcome into the visible.

All is already in existence – in potential

Many people are familiar with the arts of visualization and affirming. Both of these are beautiful and powerful techniques to use. However, we always want to start with visioning to articulate the vision for our lives, businesses or other endeavors.

This is simply because through visioning we open ourselves up to catch and receive that which is beyond our ability to imagine and then also to visualize.

What we need to realize is that everything is already in existence as potential in the mind of God. Everything already exists in the invisible. We only need to become aware of it’s existence and then prepare a place for it here in this dimension.

What we also need to realize is that nothing ever happens in the future. Time is only an illusion. A human mental construct and so in reality all is happening in this very moment.

Even that which is yet not visible to our human eyes are already in progress. We may delay it’s becoming by not being open and available enough to receive it. Growth and unfolding however is an infinite process not bound by time.

On this page we have tried to outline the process of visioning, to give you the basics. It is up to you to put it to work. If, however you have any questions or need further assistance please don’t hesitate to connect with us either via our Facebook page  or via email.

The Life Visioning Process by Michael Bernard Beckwith

If you feel compelled to start visioning, Michael Bernard Beckwith has originated a beautiful process which he calls The Life Visioning Process. In this process, he guides the participant through a series of questions.

We are not here to merely be unconscious agents of the ego, taking part in the human condition. We are here to wake up to the fact that we are Divine Creators.

That we are here to glow and shine and radiate.

We are here to reveal the face of God in the most grand and magnificent way.