The Art of Compassion

compassion is realizing that we are all doing the very best we know how in each and every moment

Compassion is the highest form of love

Love is the total giving of oneself without agenda; asking for anything in return or holding anything back. Compassion being one of the highest forms of love as compassion is the understanding of lack of understanding in another being, as well as within ourselves. It allows for us to express loving kindness in the face of ignorance.

It has been said that the only problems we only ever have is ignorance. That is true. None of the ill deeds us humans perform are born out of malice or ill will. They simply arise from a small and limited perspective of the true nature of reality.

Most human beings are trapped in the egoic illusion of lack and separation. The ego’s mantra is: I am not enough and there is not enough.

Trapped in that misperception an individual believes that the only way for them to be and have enough is to try to get it from the world. And so the move through life seeking worth and validation from the outside world.

They live under the impression that they have to compete for it and to ultimately (hopefully) win it.

From this perspective, hurting or harming another individual, seems legitimate since life is a competition. Like a survival of the fittest if you will. This is the life in and with the ego.

Choice is a function of awareness

Now as we grow and unfold spiritually. As we mature. As we come into greater and greater insights we realize that we live in a cosmos where there is only abundance and unity. There is only a Divine Whole where nothing is separate from anything else.

As we realize this we also realize that when someone is in the grip of the ego there is no need for blame or guilt. They are simply more or less temporarily unconscious.

From this higher perspective we realize the futility of placing blame when someone does something we are triggered by. They are merely acting that we because the lack the understanding to opposed in another way.

They have simply gone unconscious and we happen to be in the vicinity of them at that moment.

Much in the same way we don’t blame a small child for not yet having learned to read, ride a bike or not make a mess at the dinner table. We realize that they are in the process of learning. In that process they have come to the point to which they have come.

It is said that choice is a function of awareness. This means that in order to be able to make a choice – we need to be aware that we have that option. If we are not aware that we have a choice we then effectively cannot make that choice.

Compassion is the understanding of lack of understanding

Compassion then, is the understanding of this. It is the understanding that when an individual reacts as oppose to responds they do so simply because they are not aware of the options.

They are not aware that there is another way. That they can choose to respond to a situation or circumstance with love as opposed to fear, worry or doubt.

Obviously the same goes for us. When we are caught in an egoic reaction we are so because we, in that moment have gone unconscious. We have temporarily become trapped in the egoic illusion of lack and separation. Trapped in that illusion, we have no choice but to react from it.

The moment we wake up, once again anchored in the Holy Now our ability to choose returns. In the light of this there is never anything to be gained by placing blame or guilt upon another for their unconsciousness. Nor ourselves for that matter.

The best response to any situation, any circumstance, any individual is that of love and compassion.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos

In this whole cosmos there is only perfect order. There is supposed to be a Buddhist saying: every snowflake falls exactly where it is supposed to fall. This bespeaks of this order.

The very mind of God is nothing but order. Everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. It is when it is supposed to be and it is for the exact right reasons.

It is well to remind ourselves that nothing comes into our experience uninvited. We may not like that which we experience but it is always exactly what we need.

Chaos, or seeming chaos is only an appearance. It is born out of ignorance and our limited ability to see the whole picture so to speak. In laymen terms the chaos theory says in substance.

When we step far enough back from any circumstance we will see that it is not an isolated event. It is not a problem or even a bump in the road. it is simply a necessary stage in the unfolding of the whole, thus something to be grateful about.

Choose love and compassion over fear, worry and doubt

And so, whenever we are faced with the ignorance or unconsciousness of another individual  – we remind ourselves it has nothing to do with us. It is not in any way, shape or form personal.

They simply are or have gone unconscious. We just happened to be there to witness and experience it.

We may also remind ourselves that all is working for our good. As we encounter an unconscious individual we get to practice being loving and compassionate. In other words it is a great blessing in terms of growth and unfolding.

Forgive yourself for falling prey to negativity

If we experience negativity toward another we may engage in the spiritual practice of forgiveness that we may release the negativity and enter into a field of love and compassion instead.

If that feels overwhelming or too hard a challenge we surrender to this and ask God for help to do it for us. Once we have released that negativity we may offer a prayer or a blessing for that other individual affirming that we see God, perfect wholeness and awareness within them.

This, the building of the love and compassion muscles is not always easy. In fact, it is sometimes hard and gruesome work.

All of the spiritual growth, however is inner work. It is about letting go and releasing that which keeps us from revealing the true face of God.

The Art of Compassion is a way of life

Allowing us to be what we are – pure love and light is a way of life. As mature and become more and more conscious. As we allow greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in an through us – opinions and judgments dissolve.

It starts with our conscious attention to become more loving and compassionate – and we make conscious choices to be just that.

However over time, more and more we just find ourselves responding in this way. It takes less and less effort to allow love and compassion to flow through us. Regardless of who or what it is we encounter.

Integration and has taken place. Through our intention and desire, through our conscious repetition to choose another way to respond – transformation has occurred within us.

This is what the spiritual path is all about. To allow something to emerge from within. Us being more loving and compassionate does not come from without. We radiate it from within.