Surrender – the art of letting go; come what may

Spiritual growth and unfolding is all about letting go to surrender (not acquiescing or submitting) to God to guide us along the path of unfolding.
acquiescing is not to silently submit to a God outside of yourself

Surrender does not mean submitting or acquiescing to an anthropomorphic God outside of us. It simply means to allowing God, the loving presence that is everywhere, never in absence, to lead and guide us along the path of awakening in and unfolding. This is surrender.

Surrender to the evolutionary process running through you

Walking the spiritual path is to continuously surrender to the next stage of our growth and unfolding. It is all about letting go. Letting go of limiting beliefs, habits, paradigms and perceptions. It is about allowing for older and smaller versions of ourselves to die and allowing new grander and greater versions to emerge. This means that we need to surrender to the will of God and allow our future selves to guide us along the path of unfolding. For many people the word surrender has a negative charge to it. For them it means acquiescing or submitting to a God outside of themselves, a deity with human traits and characteristics.

This is a part of the egoic illusion of lack and separation. We perceive ourselves as being apart from the Divine Whole. We see life as an adversary we need to manipulate and control not to get hurt or harmed. In order to just survive. From this perspective, life becomes a struggle. Something to just make it through.

The energy behind the words submitting and acquiescing entails to give up or to give in. To have first resisted and then more or less having been forced to stop resiting.

This, of course is not what God intends or desires for any of us. However in order to understand this we first need to understand who and what God is.

Who and what is God?

God, first of all, is not “out there“, nor is she “in here“. The Spirit of God is infinite. This means that God is all there is, it has no beginning nor end. God is in all and God is everywhere. There is no spot where God is not.

In other words there is nothing; no place, no event, no thin nor being that is not in and of God. All that which our senses can perceive and all that which they cannot perceive, all the manifested and all the unmanifest is God.

As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “God is the Alfa and the Omega“. God is the beginning and the end, God is in everything. Everything is in God.

Us humans have a tendency to think of God as anthropomorphic – made in the image and likeness of humans. Many individuals perceive God as an egocentric, fearful, angry, judgemental, vindictive, jealous, demanding God. As a presence we need to appease and appeal to. Of course that is not at all what God is.

God is pure Love. Love being the full and total giving ness and given ness of spirit. It is giving fully and freely of that which we have to give. And as God is infinite it means that God gives fully and freely of everything that is Life.

Moreover, God is also pure consciousness, pure intelligence, pure joy, beauty and peace. God is a loving presence that never requires anything from any of us, God is never disappointed by what we do or fail to do.

The will of God

A common question is what God’s will is. It is really quite simple. God’s will is for greater expression of all of Life. That is what God desires; that all of life come into forever greater and grander expression of itself. In other words, that all of life continuously grow and unfold and expand.

The reason for this is equally simple. Each and every one of us is a single manifestation of God. A unique and perfect manifestation of the presence. A divine expression of the Divine Whole that is God.

As God is in all, all of Life is created that God itself may come into forever greater and grander expression in and through all of Life. In other words, we all exist for God’s self expression. And so, as God eternally seeks to come into greater and greater expression, it is the will and desire of God that all of Life come into forever greater and grander expression of itself. That all of Life forever die to it’s littleness, that the next great version of itself may emerge from within.

In other words, God is forever striving to become more conscious of itself through it’s creations. God is the evolutionary process that runs through the cosmos, always for greater life and expression.

This is what the will of the Spirit God is. Now of course, we are here trying to use words to describe something that really cannot be described. But to the best of our ability this is who and what God is.

God is forever seeking to guide and lead us along the path of unfolding and expansion

As the will of God is for all of Life to come into greater and grander expression and as God can never contradict itself, God must be for the unfolding and expansion of all of life. In other words; God is always for us, never ever against us. God cannot not be for us as begin against us would go against the purpose of all existence. Against the will of God.

And as God is in all things, places and beings – it means that everything is working for our good. Every single challenge, every single encounter, every single experience is Divinely designed to move us along our unique and perfect path of growth and unfolding.

God truly seeks to always guide and lead us, that we may become forever more yet never less than our true selves. This process of growth and unfolding is what we may consciously choose to participate in.

Surrender is not the same as acquiescing

Now, if surrender does not mean acquiescing or submitting to a God made in the image and likeness of us humans, then what does surrender truly mean?

It means letting go and releasing resistance to growth and unfolding. It means releasing our need to control and manipulate in order to have things as the way we want them to be. Even though us humans are an intelligent species, our perspective is strictly limited.

Limited to that which we can perceive with our senses. Which means that whatever it is we may see, hear, feel, taste and smell is infinitesimal in relation to that which we cannot perceive.

This whole cosmos moves in perfect order. There is no chance, no luck, no coincidence, no happenstance. We may perceive things to happen out of chance and luck, but we always need to remind ourselves that nothing just happens to us, but everything happens just.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited and as we, through gradually learning to surrender to the guidance of God and the still small voice within us, seek to see the world through the eyes of God rather than the eyes of the ego, a whole new set of experiences – much more to our liking will begin to flow into our lives.

Surrendering is about getting out of the way

And so surrendering is about making a conscious choice to grow and unfold. It is about making the choice to get our little selves out of the way and let God have it’s sway with us.

It is about becoming willing to say Let Thy Will Be Done. And then do the inner work necessary to become open, available for that which is seeking to emerge in and through us to emerge.

It is to seek the stillness of the Holy Now. Where we may hear the still small voice within us constantly guiding and leading us along our path. It is about becoming forever more conscious of that which is Real.

Surrendering is about knowing God and learning to trust that God is forever for us never against us. And that God’s deepest desire is that each and every one of us come into the greatest and grandest expression of ourselves that we may possible can.

And then allow for that greater and grander expression to come forth, with ease, grace and dignity.

Surrendering may be asking for help

A practical way to surrender is to ask for help. In times or in circumstances where we feel we lack the strength or ability to do something that we know in our heart is the right thing to do. We may then surrender to that and ask God for help to do it through us.

Once again, as we ask for help we get out of the way. We let go of control and give it over to the presence of God. As we do this, we access the infinite. We go beyond our limited human perception and perspective. Instead we rely on the loving mind of God to lead us where we need to go.

Surrendering like this is a entering into Heaven. Heaven may be described as ever expanding good. It is a magical journey and a beautiful way to live. Let go and let God – it will bring you the very best of life.