Prayer – the art of praying in an affirmative way

Affirmative Prayer is describing that which we desire, fully knowing that we have already received it. It is aligning ourselves with the sacred laws that we may become Divine Creators, move into the field of sacred manifestation.

The Art of Affirmative Prayer

The Art of Affirmative prayer is a powerful spiritual practice to be used along with all the other spiritual techniques such as meditation, surrendering and visioning.

It is describing that which we desire fully knowing that in the infinite mind of God we have already received it.

Affirmative prayer describing that which is True and Real. Beyond the surface appearance of things.

In Scripture, it is stated:

Pray believing that ye already have it.

This is the foundation of Affirmative Prayer – the foundation of sacred manifestation. This is how we come to be Divine Creators.

All is radiating from within us

Everything is energy and energy is constantly moving according to universal laws. In the whole of cosmos, there is only perfect order.

We, as the vibrational spiritual beings of Love & Light that we are, are made up of energy. Eternally and intimately connected to all other energy.

Now, energy with one specific vibrational frequency has the inherent quality that it is drawn to and at the same time draws to it, other energy with the same vibrational frequency.

This is the foundation of the much spoken about Law of Attraction that is talked about in the movie The Secret and other movies of that particular genre.

However, the Law of Attraction is not a primary law. The law behind the Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibration, or the Law of Radiation.

All of our thoughts are units of mental energy. Our most predominant thoughts and feelings (inner reality) will determine our predominate vibration.

This is so regardless of whether we are aware of what we are thinking or not. To a large extent, this inner reality is made up of subconscious thoughts and perceptions.

The subconscious is a much greater creative agent than the conscious which explains why so many people cannot seem to manifest what they desire.

For most individuals, they are unconscious in their creating, since they allow for circumstances to dictate where their attention goes.

Thus what they are thinking and what they are feeling.

Affirmative prayer allows for us to go beyond the world of appearance

In other words, although they have been given all that they need to become Divine Creators they lack the awareness to consciously participate in the field of sacred manifestation.

This is where the art of affirmative prayer comes in as it allows for us to consciously go beyond that which is visible.

We learn to see with the eye behind the eye. As well as listen with the ear behind the ear. To see the world through the eyes of God.

We never have to beg or beseech God to deliver blessings and gifts to us.

God wants nothing less than excellence for us. As God is forever for greater expression of all of life.

Through affirmative prayer, describing that which we desire we send out a vibrational frequency that the sacred laws pick up on. They correspond to this vibration and reflect it back into our experience as sacred manifestation.

In affirmative prayer, we come from a place of wholeness and unity. We realize that God is forever for us, never against us.

And so we speak and pray from that place. Fully knowing that it is God’s deepest desire that we enter into the field of ever expanding good.

God is eternally sending good our way. Most of the time though, humans are so preoccupied with the bad in their life, that they are not in vibrational alignment with that good.

Which means that they cannot receive it.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

Some forms of prayer bespeak of lack and scarcity. They affirm that there is something that we don’t have. That we are missing something.

And so as people pray, they oftentimes ask or beg for God to deliver something or to rescue them from a particular circumstance.

If lack and scarcity is our predominate vibration – then the sacred laws can only respond to lack and scarcity. Thus all we are receiving is more experiences of lack and scarcity into our lives.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. It comes either because we want it or because we don’t want it.

Which is why learning to describe that which we desire rather than what we don’t desire, becomes of such paramount importance for the Divine Creator.

We live in a cosmos where there is only Divine and perfect order. As the saying goes:

Things don’t just happen, they happen just.

When there is a vibrational match, then there is nothing that can stop manifestation from occurring.

It is our innermost vibration, our inner reality, that radiates out into the universe drawing to it more to match that vibration.

As we, through affirmative prayer, through describing that which we desire, send out the vibration that there is perfect wholeness, health, abundance, prosperity, joy, peace or whatever else it is we are praying for; that is the vibration God will correspond to.

Ultimately this is what we then will manifest.

An example of an affirmative prayer

Below is an example of how to engage in affirmative prayer where becoming more loving and compassionate is concerned.

Note that we are always praying from the present moment. That which we are praying for is not something that will come in a distant future – it is here now in this moment:

I know that I am a spiritual being of Love & Light, here to reveal the face of God as an infinitely loving and compassionate being. I know that God is in all and that that means that all is in God, and so in all beings I encounter I see God’s presence and beauty.

Knowing this I meet and greet all others with only love and compassion. Never taking it personally when another individual goes unconscious in my presence. Instead I bless this beautiful being for the Divine that I know that they are. I allow myself to see their true nature. That they too are a spiritual being of Love & Light, one with the Divine Whole.

I am a glowing, radiant beacon of God’s Love & Light, shining brightly for all other beings on this planet to see. I allow for love and compassion to fill me to overflowing. And so, I willingly give and share these qualities knowing that they are not mine to keep. Only mine to circulate. 

I know that this is so. I give thanks for it and I let this be.

Another example of an describing that which we desire

Affirmative prayer may also be used when praying for others. This in the same fashion as when we are praying for ourselves. Here is one example where health in another being is concerned.

I know that, right where this being is, God is. This means inherent and Divine perfect health, both physically, mentally and emotionally. In this moment, healing is taking place revealing that inherent perfect health. I know that their body is a perfect instrument of healing. And I see now that all conditions are just right for that healing to take place, in this moment.

I see only perfect health where this individual is concerned and I know that all is working for their good, as is the deepest desire of God.

I see this, I give thanks for it and I let this be, in this moment.

Gratitude is vital

The last part and a very important part in the affirmative prayer, is giving thanks or expressing gratitude for that which we pray for.

Knowing that manifestation and unfolding not is a future thing but a now thing. The feeling tone of gratitude (honest and pure) sends the vibrational message that we know that all our needs are met in this moment.

This is the feeling tone that the sacred laws pick up on and reflect and mirror back.

Giving thanks for that which we yet cannot see is letting God know that all is good and well even if we can’t see it.

That is a powerful vibration.

We always want to end our affirmative prayer by giving thanks for it having already been answered.

Initially, when starting to practice affirmative prayer we may experience some discomfort and unease.

This may be due to the fact that we are affirming that which cannot be experienced by our human senses.

Be at peace. It is only a matter of training ourselves to think and pray in a new way. Repetition is the key to learning anything. 

As you keep practicing you will find it easier and easier.  You will also find that your vibration is instantly lifted whenever you go into affirmative prayer.

You are here to be a Divine Creator

We have not incarnated onto earth to have a human experience. That experience is one of insanity and madness. We are here to transcend the human condition and bring Heaven to earth for all to enjoy.

Instead, we are all here to become Divine Creators, which is where we ourselves to be open, available and receptive for God to move through us.

That we continuously may allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge. In and through us.

In this process, we need to remember that we are not here to make something happen. Only to make something welcome.

By surrendering to that which is constantly trying to emerge in and through us we allow it to come forth.

In order to allow something that cannot yet be seen with our eyes, we need to be able to see it with the eyes behind our eyes. We truly need to dream the Life in order to live the dream.

This is what affirmative prayer is all about.