Gratitude – the art of seeing the good of God everywhere

As we are growing and maturing spiritually, expressing gratitude and giving thanks is not simply something we do when something extraordinary happens or a miracle occurs in our lives. We want to make thanksgiving and appreciation our way of life.

The enlightened give thanks for that which most people take for granted

It is not merely the way we start our days through the morning routine. Nor how we end it with our evening routine. Gratitude becomes our life.

There is a beautiful expression; the enlightened give thanks for that which most people take for granted. Just for a brief moment, pause and contemplate how much you have to be grateful for in this moment.

Let’s give thanks for who we are. For where we are and for where we are headed.

You have a powerful and beautiful body. A body that perpetually performs a great number of actions and functions. Without you even having to be conscious of it.

You have financial abundance enough that you may have the device to read this. There is love all around you. You have intrinsic perfect health.

You are a unique and perfect expression of God. There is infinite potential within you. There are Divine gifts within you such as the gift of independent thought.

You can breathe and move your body. There is air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat. You have gifts, talents and, abilities to share.

You are an awakening individual. In any given moment there is so much to give thanks for, to show appreciation for.

Most people are not aware of all the good they have in life

The list is endless if only we train ourselves to turn our attention to all the good that is eternally present in our lives. In any given moment. Yet for most people, they are not aware of all of the good they have.

Now when you took the time to do the brief exercise above, didn’t it feel good?

Wasn’t it nice to get out of time and go beyond fear, worry, doubt, shame or guilt? Didn’t it feel good to step into the Holy Now where all your needs are met. Where all is good and well?

If your answer is yes, then we ask; why not do it more often?

Most people never, or at least rarely, stop and anchor themselves in the Holy Now. Thus they are not conscious of how much good they have to be grateful for.

They live their lives caught in an endless chase for more and better. Never realizing that they already have all that they need.

They cannot see that nothing needs to be added onto them. They lack the insight that their worth and value intrinsically is infinite and constant.

Life is hostile to most humans

To most humans life is perceived as hostile and contentious. They are trapped in the egoic illusion of lack and separation.

They live by the ego’s mantra:

I am not enough and I have not enough.

And so they live their lives constantly seeking and chasing. Seeking that which will ultimately validate their worth and value, their existence.

Only never to find it.

From this limited perspective they try to force their way through or past problems. They try to navigate through life avoiding getting hurt or harmed.

Never realizing that all of our challenges, every single one of them, are gifts and blessings.

They are uniquely designed for each and every one of us that we may grow and unfold. That we may always allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us.

This, of course, applies just as well for situations as other people that come into our lives.

Gratitude is a high energetic vibration radiating more good into our lives

As all is energy with different vibrational frequencies gratitude is a high vibration. It sends the vibrational message that all is good and well.

That we are provided for and that we have all our needs are met. It says that all is working for our good.

As decreed by the sacred laws, whatever our predominant vibration; our inner reality, is, will radiate out from us and ultimately come to manifest in our lives.

Being grateful keeps you in a vibrational harmony to receive more and more good.

It is the key that opens the doors to the storehouse of infinite good. Allowing to to increasingly flow into our lives.

Now expressing gratitude and giving thanks is not only a means to make ourselves open, available and receptive to more good to flow into our lives.

It also is a great and wonderful way of enjoying greater health, both mental, emotional and physical.

Becoming still, connecting with all the good that we have, expressing gratitude for them, releases endorphins and other feel good hormones in our bodies.

This allows our intrinsically perfect health to move through our bodies. Thus they may replenish and heal any sickness and illness within it.

The enlightened gives perpetual thanks

There is a law of gratitude. A law that the enlightened have realized. This law is:

the more we are grateful the more will we be given to be grateful of

This law, of course, rests upon the foundation of the Law of Vibration, decreeing that whatever our predominant vibration is, will be reflected back to us.

And so, there is a saying:

the enlightened gives thanks for what most people take for granted

This is because the enlightened knows two things that most people don’t.

1) The enlightened knows that everything is working for their good. That the purpose of all of life is to come into a greater expression. And that God is at the back of that purpose.

2) The enlightened knows that by turning their attention to that which good, they vibrationally send out invitations for more good to flow into their lives.

That is why gratitude is the key. A vibrational key. By being grateful, we give God permission to send more good our way.

Making gratitude a perpetual way of Life is one of the greatest lessons we may learn along our path of awakening.

And so, we want to allow the high vibration of gratitude to permeate us throughout the day.

Including being a part of our daily spiritual practice as well as our evening routine.

The Art of Gratitude is inner work

It has been said that all of growth and unfolding is about letting go. Letting go and releasing that which hinders us from releasing our True Self. Small and limiting paradigms. Habits that no longer serve us and so fort.

It is the same with gratitude.

We need to exercise the gift of independent thought allowing us to think independently of circumstances.

This means that regardless of what is going on in our lives, we may turn our attention to the good in it.

There may be seeming chaos on the outside, but we may still turn within and give thanks for the blessings we have.

As with all of learning repetition is the key. In order to cultivate a grateful mind we need to time and time again, bring our attention to the good.

Moment by moment.

Building and strengthening spiritual muscles, such as gratitude, is tough work, But we have to do it.

We need to do it, keep doing it and keep doing it until we have formed a habit out of doing it.

When being grateful has become a habit it has become our way of life which will have moved us way up on the spiritual mountain we are here to ascend.

Gratitude is one of the major keys to growth and unfolding since it allows for us to release resistance and become non-attached to outcomes.

All is working for our good – personally and collectively

At all times there is something to be grateful for. Absolutely everything is working for our good. We may not always get exactly what we want but we always do get that which we need.

God is forever for us, never against us. She is always guiding us along our path of growth and unfolding. This is so whether we are aware of it or not. Every challenge is a blessing. Sometimes in disguise, sometimes in plain sight.

Regardless, they all serve to help us grow.

In any given moment there is so much to show appreciation for, so much to be grateful about. Who we are, where we are, the lessons we get to learn, the mission that has been given us. That all of our needs are met, the guidance we receive. All the good and perfect things that are present in our lives.

Before we came down here to earth our soul mad a plan for what lessons we needed to learn.

These are the challenges we now face. Nothing comes into our experience uninvited and so we might as well give thanks for it all.

Gratitude truly is a beautiful and powerful way of life.