Spiritual Practice

Having a spiritual practice is vital that we may build the spiritual muscles necessary to allow our inherent peace and liberation to come forth.
If we want to become conscious participants in the unfolding of our souls, we need to engage in spiritual practice

Spiritual practice is the fundament of conscious spiritual growth. Finding the peace of God and inner liberation and freedom all but impossible without a regular and consistent spiritual practice. Having a spiritual practice means building spiritual muscles that will help us remain sane in this insane world we live in.

What is spiritual practice?

Spiritual practice is everything that we do in order to open our minds to a greater Reality.

It is that which we consciously do to make ourselves open and available for that which is True and Real to reveal itself to us.

All that brings us to a closer realization of who and what God is.

Without having a regular and consistent spiritual practice, the peace of God will elude us.

Thus freedom and liberation will be hard to find, as our minds are constantly drawn to the appearance of things, rather than the Truth of things.

We could say that the practicing of spiritual techniques is what moves us along the spiritual path. Without such a practice, we will not get very far.

Obviously, there are many spiritual techniques and it may feel overwhelming to practice them all when we first set out.

But having a regular and consistent spiritual practice is sort of like going to the gym to build muscles.

Over time, with practice and discipline, it gets easier and easier. The more we practice the stronger our spiritual muscles will become.

Thus, liberation and the peace of God will begin to run our mind.

What we feel like is inconsequential

However, we need to acquire the discipline needed. The ego is constantly coming up with excuses as to why we should not meditate, or pray or give.

Excuses such as; “There is not enough time“, “I have more important things to attend to“, “I don’t have to do it right now” and “I don’t feel like it

Imagine for a moment an athlete training for the Olympics. She has her game plan, she has her training schedule all worked out.

Do you think she will ever give in to such excuses from the ego?

Of course not! She has her mind set on the Olympics and she will do all it takes to peak her performance at the games.

If inner peace and liberation are what we desire, why then should we allow the ego to trick us into straying off our path?

What we feel like in any given moment is inconsequential. It does not matter.

We pray, and we meditate, and we give thanks, and we forgive, not only because we want to. But even more, because we have to.

If we want the peace of God and the freedom of our hearts to reign supreme.

Here follows a brief description of the most important spiritual practices.


Meditation is paying indestractable attention to that which is – NOW. It is being fully anchored in the nowness of this moment.

It is the stepping out of, coming out of time. Returning to the eternality of this moment. Where liberation and sweet release dwell.

This is what meditation is. Being fully present in the Holy Now, through the stilling of our minds.

Meditation means to go beyond labels and attachments. It means allowing Heaven to come to earth, in and through us.

Heaven, of course is not some far off place, but a state of being. A state of consciousness.

It is the freeing and liberation of ourselves from the mental constructs and stories so many of us live with.

Through meditation we make ourselves open and available for the peace of God to flow us and to be receptive to the loving guidance of God.

Through becoming still, we go online with God, so to speak, that we may hear the still small voice that is forever whispering words of Love and Guidance to us.

There are many forms of meditation, many techniques to meditate by. It does not matter how we do it.

The important thing is that we do it. Meditation is perhaps the most important of all the spiritual practices.

And so, to use the words of Michael Bernard Beckwith:

If we can meditate – we must


Gratitude is another very powerful spiritual practice. The art of Gratitude may be described as the realization and acknowledging of the good of God everywhere.

In each and every moment there is an infinite number of gifts and blessings present in our lives. If we only have the eyes to see it.

As, the spiritual path is about learning to see beyond that which appears to be, beyond the world of effects, that we may see that which is True and Real, learning to turn our attention away from that which is not to our liking, to that which is to our liking is paramount.

It is about taking back our minds. About taking control over our minds.

In all of the cosmos there is only Divine order. Nothing ever happens out of chance or luck, but there is only cause and effect.

Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. As we, through the practice of gratitude, elevate our vibration (feeling tone) more and more good will flow into our lives.

There is a saying, equally beautiful as it is powerful:

The enlightened gives thanks for what most individuals take for granted

This is because the enlightened knows to look for the good and because the enlightened knows that the more grateful they are, the more they will be given to be grateful for.

As fully decreed by the sacred laws governing our universe.

And so they give thanks, perpetually, building those beautiful spiritual gratitude muscles allowing liberation to take place, allowing the peace of God to flow through them ever increasingly.

Affirmative prayer

Affirmative prayer, sometimes also called scientific prayer, is praying without seeking to get anything from God.

In other words, it is not begging or beseeching God to give us anything.

But it is simply describing that which God has already given (though we cannot see it yet), as though it was already here in the visible world.

Affirmative prayer is evoking the sacred laws to work for us, rather than against us.

It is about dreaming the Life to live the dream. It is about re-creating our inner reality that we may vibrationally align with that which our hearts desire.


Apart from perhaps meditation, when it comes to calling forth the peace of God and the liberation of our hearts, there is no more powerful practice than forgiveness.

First and foremost we need to realize that forgiveness is never about another individual.

It is not about letting another off the hook for what they did or did not do. Nor is it about making friends with everybody that treat us badly.

Forgiveness is about releasing the rancor and negativity we may hold toward another. Fully knowing that they did the very best they knew how to do.

That they could not have made any other choice in that moment. And Realizing that our freedom (emotional and mental) does not lie in the hands of any other individual but our own.

Forgiveness, in the beginning may be hard.

The ego seeks to creep in, convincing us that we don’t need to forgive the other. What they did was bad and if anything – they are to apologize to us.

But with time, as with building any kind of spiritual muscles, our forgiveness muscles, will strengthen and it will become easier and easier to forgive.

Setting ourselves free to allow the Love and the Light that is God, to flow through us fully and freely, regardless of what another has or has not done.


It has been said, that without a vision – the people perish. This is true.

It is imperative that an individual has a vision, a sense of purposeful direction in life.

Or they will be like a rudderless ship, drifting at sea.

The process of visioning is not merely setting a goal for ourselves and our lives.

But visioning is tuning into God’s highest vision for us and our lives, (remember that we are spiritual beings of infinite potential), embracing and accepting that and begin to move towards it.

There is nothing more liberating for the soul and its unfolding than having a grand a mighty vision for our lives.

At all times there is a greater and grander version of ourselves seeking to emerge from within us.

Our future self is forever guiding us along the path of awakening.

If you are not sure how to make yourself open and available to catch this vision, we invite you to take part in Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process.

High fellowship

High fellowships is not a spiritual practice per se, but more of a habit or a high choice. It is choosing to hang out with individuals with high energy.

It is choosing to surround ourselves with people who will support and nurture our growth. Who have a spiritual practice of their own.

Beng on the path of spiritual liberation and unfolding is sometimes a lonely journey.

As most individuals are still so caught up in the world of appearances and effects. With little or no ability to respond rather than to react to circumstances and events.

And so we need a spiritual support group, who can vibrationally lift us up when we fall. Who, just like us, seeks to see life through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of the ego.

Without such community, the spiritual path of liberation, building those spiritual muscles and allowing the peace of God becomes so much more challenging.

Spiritual practice is the key to inner peace and liberation

Our spiritual practice may be described as a road or a pathway. Leading us from one place to another.

In this case from one level of consciousness to another higher level of consciousness.

The continuous deepening of our surrendering to the will and grace of God. The more regularly and consistently we engage in our spiritual practice the stronger our spiritual muscles become.

Making ourselves ever increasingly open, available and receptive for deeper insights and revelations to come to us.

Having strong spiritual muscles is essential for the awakening individual as it is those muscles that keep us sane in this insane world.

There is so much negativity going on in the world and for anyone not having a spiritual practice it is easy to judge that which happens by its appearances.

Building strong spiritual muscles allows us to remain open and available for the peace of God to flow through us, unencumbered, regardless of circumstances.

It liberates our very being, that we may be an instrument and a conduit for God. Even in the midst of turmoil and seeming chaos.

Regular and consistent means every day

As we are here to become conscious participants in our growth and unfolding in Love & Light, we have to become regular and consistent in exercising our spiritual practice.

Regular and consistent means exercising it every day. Not only when something bad happens and we pray for God to intervene to help out.

Not only when we desire to manifest something. Nor only when we feel like it. But every day.

If we are serious about our growth, we need to be serious about our practice. We need to form the habit of daily practicing of our spiritual practices.

Just like daily showers necessary for anyone who wants to maintain a good level of personal hygiene. Just like eating right and exercise is vital for anyone who wants to have a level of good physical health.

Repetition truly is a major key to spiritual growth and unfolding.

Spiritual practices allows for us to become open, available and receptive

The spiritual journey is one of releasing and surrendering. It is about releasing old, small and limiting beliefs, paradigms and perceptions.

Allowing new, higher and empowering insights and paradigms to emerge.

Constantly surrendering to the next greater and grander version of oneself to emerge. That we may reveal the face of God in ever greater and more magnificent ways.

It is only as we come to realize what the true nature of Reality is that we may rightly place our faith in God.

God is forever for us never against us. The will of God is greater expression of all of life. To that end God is always supporting us, guiding and leading us.

God is perennially talking to us, communicating with us. Through the still small voice within. Via sounds, visions, and voices inside of us. Through other people.

However, we need to be open and available to catch that which is eternally broadcast by God. This is why we have to engage in spiritual practice.

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