In order to become conscious participants in the unfolding of our souls, we need to engage in regular and consistent spiritual practice such as meditation, affirmative prayer, thanksgiving and visioning.

Spiritual practices are the fundament for our growth and unfolding

Spiritual practice is the fundament of conscious spiritual growth. Without a regular and consistent practice of meditation, affirmative prayer, thanksgiving, visioning, forgiveness, being of service and so on, we will not become increasingly open, available and receptive to new insights or for that that wants to emerge in and through our lives to emerge.

Our spiritual practice may be described as a road or a pathway. Leading us from one place to another. In this case from one level of consciousness to another higher level of consciousness. To continuous deepening of our surrendering to the will and grace of God. The more regularly and consistently we engage in our spiritual practice the more we make ourselves open, available and receptive for insights to come to us.

Regular and consistent means every day

As we are here to become conscious participants in our own growing and unfolding in Love & Light we have to become regular and consistent in exercising our spiritual practice.

Regular and consistent means exercising it every day. Not only when something bad happens and we pray for God to intervene to help out. Not only when we desire to manifest something. Nor only when we feel like it. But every day.

If we are serious about our growth we need to be serious about our practice. We need to form the habit daily practicing of our spiritual practices. Just like daily showers necessary for anyone who wants to maintain a good level of personal hygiene. Just like eating right and exercise is vital for anyone who want to have a level of good physical health. Repetition truly is a major key to spiritual growth and unfolding.

Spiritual practices allows for us to become open, available and receptive

The spiritual journey is one of releasing and surrendering. It is about releasing old, small and limiting beliefs, paradigms and perceptions. Allowing new, higher and empowering insights and paradigms to emerge. Constantly surrendering to the next greater and grander version of oneself to emerge. That we may reveal the face of God in ever greater and more magnificent ways.

It is only as we come to realize what the true nature of Reality is that we may rightly place our faith in God. God is forever for us never against us. The will of God is greater expression of all of life. To that end God is always supporting us, guiding and leading us.

God is perennially talking to us, communicating with us. Through the still small voice within. Via sounds, visions, and voices inside of us. Through other people.

However, we need to be open and available to catch that which is eternally broadcast by God. This is why we have engage in spiritual practice.

To gain a better understanding of the various practices we invite you to read those particular pages.

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