Building spiritual muscles is sometimes hard and strenuous work

Inner work really consists of the building and the strengthening of our spiritual muscles such as gratitude and dominion over our thoughts and attention.

As we walk the path of growth and unfolding, what we in fact are doing is building spiritual muscles. It has been said that 100% of all growth is about letting go. Letting go of small paradigms. Releasing inhibiting thoughts, faulty notions and behaviors.

The spiritual path is about building spiritual muscles

The spiritual path is all about letting go. Letting go of that which no longer serves us.

This letting go, does not come on it own accord. It comes on the account of conscious inner work. This inner work really consists of the building and the strengthening of our spiritual muscles such as gratitude and dominion over our thoughts and attention that we may raise our gaze and go beyond and above present circumstances.

How to build spiritual muscles

Building muscles spiritually is really no different from building the physical muscles. We need to exercise them regularly and consistently.

If we, for example want to grow in our presence power, we need to consciously discipline ourselves to do what we need to do in order to keep ourselves anchored in the Holy Now.

Bob Proctor explains the word discipline in a powerful way. He says that discipline is giving oneself a command and then follow it.

Learning to be present calls for the training of being present. We need to, moment by moment remind ourselves to be present, by means of our breath, a sound or something else.

The more we learn to be present the easier it will become and we may move to new levels of practicing as well as exercising our new skills.

Just do it

The Nike commercial just about sums it up beautifully. We need to just do it. What we feel like in any given moment is really not an issue. Just like an athlete training for the Olympics would not wake up one morning saying “I don’t feel like practicing today and so I won’t“.

Repetition really is the key. To moment by moment, practice and train, train and practice.

Exellence births excellence

In order to build our spiritual muscles, we need to stay true to our intention, honoring it to the best of our ability. We may not feel as though we want to be excellent, however, excellence and spiritual growth go hand in hand.

Excellence does not mean being better than anybody else. It simply means that we make a conscious effort to and allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge from within us.

This is hard work. Especially in the face of adversity or hostility. To still practice seeing and walking toward the light and being loving and compassionate.

This calls for us to really go beyond our egoic mind and move into the Holy Now – where all of the power and love of God is always present.

And in times, where we don’t seem to have it within us, we can always ask God for help to do it through us.

Building spiritual muscles is hard work, but it also gives birth to freedom since it allows for us to become true conscious participants in the evolution of our souls.

The good thing is, that we all have it intrinsically within us to do it.


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