Self love affirmation for an inner realization of worth and value

If you are struggling with thoughts of self worth, and value this self love affirmation and the story behind it may be helpful to you. It is offered by one of The Love & Light Store team member. Up until his late twenties was struggling with low self esteem and self love.

A case of self abandonment

He was driven by the egoic fear of not being enough and so he constantly sought validation of his own worth from the people around him. His inner reality was one of not being worthy of love, in an of himself. Rather love was something he had to get from the world. In most of what he did, his main motive was to gain approval from others which led him to do almost anything. Just to feel loved and appreciated.

Not because he really wanted to do it, but because he was so under the egoic illusion that he thought his whole existence depended upon others liking him. He was constantly there for other people helping and assisting them in any way possible.

These were not loving acts since love is the unconditional and agenda-less giving. For him, behind most of his acts, there was a motive or an agenda. He became known as a very nice and friendly guy.

As years went by those words, nice and friendly, lost their positive meaning to our fellow team member. In his experience what they meant was self-abandonment. That he did something – that he didn’t really want to in order to get something he desperately thought he needed.

Realizing that our worth and value are intrinsic

In his mid-twenties he came to be aware of his patterns. He made the choice to find a way out of this mental and emotional prison and as is law he came across this self love affirmation:

I am valuable

I am worthy of being loved

I am a beautiful and wonderful human being

He started using it on a daily basis. At least twice a day he would stand in front of the mirror and repeat it aloud ten times. He confesses that initially he wasn’t even able to look at himself while he was saying the words. They seemed false as the gravest of lies. Yet he wouldn’t give up.

At the time he knew nothing of affirmations and the power of affirmations. Nor he had yet consciously come to depend and rely on the still small voice within. But there was something inside him that urged him to keep going and so he did.

As he kept repeating the affirmation the resistance gradually dissolved. He grew to become able to stand up straight and look himself in the mirror while saying it. He eventually even became able to say it out loud in the company of others experiencing a greater and greater sensation that he was actually telling the truth.

Repetition is the key to consciously re-creating the inner reality

As time went by the repeating of this affirmation allowed for him gradual release. He was able to let go of the notion of not being worthy of love.  And so over time, he learned to say no, to stand up for himself. With that, he became more and more comfortable with others not always approving of him, and what he did. A sense of freedom emerged from within him.

In the infinitely loving mind of God, we are all unique and perfect beings and our worth and value are always high and constant regardless of what we know or don’t know, what we do or don’t do. There is nothing we need to add to ourselves, we already have all that we need and we have it intrinsically.

Now, repetition is the key to learning. Also the key to affirming. As we engage in affirmation, visioning, affirmative prayer it is not a one and done thing. We need to do it and keep doing it until we have integrated that which we desire into our inner reality. Then, and only then will it start to take shape in the external world.

Re-creating the inner reality is hard work

This, the re-creating of the inner reality is work, and hard work at that. But it has to be done. The good thing is that any one of us can do it. Becoming conscious participants of our own growth and unfolding is why we are here.

We are not here to make anything happen, only to make welcome that which is already trying to happen, and a greater level of self love is always trying to come forth through us.

All is working for our good

This story perfectly illustrates how truly all is working for our good. As a youngster growing up, our team member would not have labeled this a blessing. However, had it not been for his lack of self love, he may not have put on the right path at that early age. And so, that which he perceived as a problem, turned out to be a blessing. A blessing allowing him to learn to release the fear of not being worthy of love.

This of course, is how everything works. There is only perfect order in the cosmos. As we learn to rely on that order, we open the gates to Heaven. We then, are able to in a greater way go beyond the opinions of the ego. We then are able to raise our gaze above the limited perception that life is hostile and that we are victims – in need of protection.

We may not always get what we want but we always get exactly what we need. All is working according to Divine pattern. And so nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. We are here to grow and unfold, learning our beautiful and blessed lessons along the way.

All is working for our good and so there is every reason to give thanks for all. Let’s bless each mess, in the full knowing that it truly is a gift and a blessing within it.


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