Repetition is the key to growth and unfolding

Repetition, as a key, is to indulge oneself in one concept, idea or teaching over and over, until it is deeply integrated into the core of one's being.

Repetition is the key to spiritual growth and unfolding. Many humans are lazy by nature. They want their circumstances to change without having to change themselves. They try to manipulate the external world. But they are not willing to put in the inner work of doing that which they need to do in order to bring about lasting changes in the outer realities.

Repetition is the key

All is energy vibrating with different frequencies. An energy with a particular frequency draws to it and is at the same time pulled toward energy with the same frequency.

This means that if we want our circumstances to change, or if we ourselves have a desire to grow and unfold, we first need to start from within by changing our inner reality.

Our inner reality of who we are, what we are worthy of and what we are capable of.

Changing this inner reality takes work. Many times it is hard work.

We need to consciously discipline ourselves to start thinking in alignment with that which we desire to manifest, or that to which we desire to become.

The key to spiritual growth and unfolding, really the key to any learning and transformation – is repetition.

Repetition means to indulge oneself in one concept, idea or teaching over and over and over and over again.

Repeat it until it is deeply integrated into the core of one’s being. This is spiritual practice.

Don’t let the ego fool you

This, however, is where many people go wrong. Most people have not activated their childlike nature, their beginners mind.

They are being deluded by the ego’s voice saying in substance “I know this, I don’t have to read or listen to this again“.

The ego however, does not know anything really.

It is set on keeping us from growing and unfolding. And so they may read a book once, listen to a talk or to a teaching once.

Then they move on to another book or teaching. In many cases that book or teaching is not in harmony with the first book or teaching.

And so they immerse themselves in a hodgepodge of different ideas, concepts or teaching. Never really learning or integrating none of it other than on a conceptual or intellectual level.

What we are suggesting is that you find your own source of Truth.

A source that compels you, that inspires you and empowers you. You find that source and you read, listen or watch it over and over again.

You repeat it enough times that you make the message, concept or teaching your own.

That you easily can reiterate (not parrot) it to another, from the depth of your being with full conviction that it is the truth.

In many areas of our lives, this is just common sense. Like learning to walk, to ride a bike, learning a sport or playing an instrument.

We do it over and over and over again until we do it almost habitually.

Through repetition, we integrate something into our subconscious mind. And to a very large extent, it is our subconscious mind that governs our thoughts and actions throughout our days.

That is how repetition is the key to any conscious attempt to learn or integrate anything.

Step out of time to go beyond the ego

Whenever we find ourselves trapped in the ego we make sure to anchor ourselves in the Holy Now.

In the present moment the ego has no control over us since the ego is bound in and by time.

Using the breath or the conscious focusing of our attention moves us out of the incessant stream of fearful and doubtful projections of the ego.

Time is only an illusion, but the ego cannot see that. As we move into the Holy Now we move into the eternal.

This is where we become open, available and receptive for the still small voice within to whisper to us.

Repetition is not enough

This is why you, here at The Love & Light Store will find repetition of the same Truths and messages over and over again.

We want you to be saturated and inundated by that which is True and Real.

That which is beyond the egoic illusion of lack and separation to such a degree that your way of being in the world is constantly elevated to higher and higher vibrations

However, repetition alone, is not enough to bring about growth and transformation.

Parroting strings of words or concepts may cause us to remember them. But if you are an awakening individual, you don’t merely want to remember that which moves you along the path of growth and unfolding.

You want to embody the Truths that liberate you. In order to do so you need to integrate it with your being.

There is another key to it as well. It is called intention.

Intention is another major key

So coupled with repetition we need to have the intention and be willing to grow and unfold. To change.

As we are willing to change a transformational energy moves in and through us. That energy coupled with repetition shapes and molds us into that which is in alignment with what we are intending.

This is not to be forced or hurried. We are here to achieve or accomplish anything – only to make it welcome.

Our ego may convince us that we “should have come farther in our growth“, that “if only we’d apply a little more effort we could speed the process up“. This is not so.

It is actually quite the opposite. The more we may remain non-attached to the result, to the outcome, the more we allow for transformation within us to take place.

We need to always remember that there is only perfect order in the cosmos.

God has never created a meaningless act. Everything that happens is working for our good.

We may not always get what we want but we can rest assured that we always get what we need. On a soul level that is.

You have already awakened

Waking up, really means that we start participating consciously in that which is already happening.

We are not the cause of our own awakening. Whether we resist it or welcome it, it is happening. In each and every moment.

You wouldn’t be reading this post if you had not, in fact, already awakened. You have awakened, you are awakening.

By welcoming and consciously participate in the process you allow for an acceleration of it. But there are no means of forcing or making it happen.

We simply sit back, open ourselves more for deeper willingness and gratitude to flow through us.

Surrendering and sticking to our intention, engaging in compelled right thinking and action.

Going online with God to catch that which is trying to emerge that we may allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us.

It is a beautiful magical journey with so much to be thankful and grateful for.


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    Amen well said

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