Raise the gaze – to go above and beyond your present circumstances

To raise the gaze beyond our present circumstances is the only way to truly go above and beyond them, calling forth that which we deisre into manifestation.

As we move into deeper and deeper realization of the sacred laws, it becomes more and more important that we learn to raise the gaze from our present circumstances to that which we desire see manifested. The sacred laws are immutable, they care only about what we are interested in, and so looking at that which is now, will only call forth more of the same.

Raise the gaze above and beyond your present circumstance

To raise the gaze beyond present circumstances is perhaps one of the hardest things we may engage in.

However, it is the only way to truly go above and beyond undesired experiences in life, drawing the solution into our experience.

This is what happens as we seek to see the world through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of the ego. Looking for the good everywhere is the right use of the sacred laws.

The common way to deal with a challenge or an undesired circumstance is to react rather than to respond. Individuals complain and bemoan about the lot they perceive themselves having been given.

And so they go on and on at length to anyone who will listen about how bad it is and how bad it is going to get. About how they are a victim in a cruel and ruthless world, subject to the ill will of others.

In other words, they allow all of their focus and attention to dwell upon that challenge and circumstance in the hope that it will magically change into something better.

Obviously that will not ever work.

There is only Divine order in the cosmos.

We live in a lawful cosmos where there is only perfect Divine order. Nothing ever just happens.

There is no luck, no chance no happenstance. There is only cause and effect in an endless chain of causes and effects.

Every effect has its cause and every cause has its effect. The same causes produce the same effect and the same effects have the same cause.

The cause of everything is our frequency or state of consciousness. Our frequency is the vibrational message we emit in any given moment. The feeling tone we take on.

The sacred laws pick up on our frequency and reflect back the substance of it matching experiences (which is not the same a events).

High frequencies (Love, gratitude, joy, peace, a sense of abundance and so forth) call forth experiences in alignment with that high vibration.

While low frequencies (fear, worry, doubt, sense of lack and scarcity) invite experiences that match those particular vibrations.

And so the creative process really is an exact science and once we come to understand how it works we can use it to our advantage.

In becoming Divine Creators or deliberate creators one of the most initial steps is to release all sense of resistance toward that which is.

Embrace rather than resist

Resisting something means that we keep our awareness on the object for our resistance.

According to the sacred laws of the universe, that which we keep our attention upon is strengthened and amplified.

And so resisting, not only gives rise to a sense of feeling bad but also serves to strengthen the experience inviting more such experiences into our lives.

In other words, the more we keep our gaze upon the undesired, the more we fix it in our experience.

The more we resist it – we keep it in place.

What we need to do is to learn to embrace and allow whatever is, to be as it is.  Which means to release and let go of all of our thoughts as to what should and should not be.

Allowing and accepting is not the same thing as condoning. It simply means to let go of any thoughts that experience is bad or negative, that it shouldn’t be.

In other words to release and let go of all of our thoughts as to what should and should not be.

This dissolves any sense of negative emotional charge around the situation. It moves us beyond and above any sense of victimhood.

All is working for our good

God is forever for us, never against us. This is a spiritual principle.

God, being a loving presence, that is in everything, beyond time and space is forever coming into greater and grander expressions in and through all of creation.

And so, it is God’s deepest desire that all of creation continuously grow, unfold and expand beyond its present expression.

That God may forever come into an expanded expression.

And so, God obviously is forever seeking to guide, to lead and to support all of creation that it may forever become more yet never less than what it has been.

Which is why we are given our challenges.

A challenge (problem) is nothing less than a Divine gift and blessing of transformation. A gift from God calling us to grow and to expand beyond who we are today.

Calling forth the next greater and grander version of who and what we are.

As we seek to see the world through the eyes of God, we will see this. Seeing through they eyes of God means to see the good in everything. Even that which the ego perceives as bad or negative.

Seek to see the world through the eyes of God

And so, as we find ourselves facing a challenge, a seeming problem or predicament we can consciously use the nowness of this moment to go higher.

To allow that next greater and grander version of ourselves to emerge from within us.

By consciously making higher and higher choices we elevate our frequency to higher levels. In any situation we can choose to come back to the present moment.

Either by taking a couple of deep conscious breaths or by any other means or technique we know of.

As we move into the Holy Now we move out of the fear-based mentality of the egoic mind. We step out of any sense of lack and limitation and as we do, we take the power of our minds back.

As we stand anchored in the nowness of this moment, we have the power to re-direct our attention. Away from the world of appearances and toward the world as God sees it.

As we come back to the present moment we make ourselves open and available to see the world through the eyes of God.

God knows nothing of lack or separation.

God only knows of abundance, possibilities, health, wholeness, beauty, peace and harmony.

This is what God sees, and as we move deep into the present moment, this is also what we will gradually learn to see.

Raise the gaze above it: It is a blessing – let’s give thanks for it

To raise your gaze above a current situation or circumstance is realizing and acknowledging that everything is working for your good.

Regardless of how it appears to the egoic mind.

God is always for us, never against us. God is always on our side to assist and support us on our path of growth and unfolding.

We all have a purpose and we are living that purpose in each and every moment. That purpose is for us to grow and unfold. It is to continually allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us.

It is for all of us, to discover, cultivate and share our gifts with the world. This is a part of our purpose.

And so in each challenge, there is a gift, a blessing waiting for us to realize it. In each circumstance, event and individual there is something that we can learn and subsequently grow from.

We may not always get that which we want, but we always do get what we need.

Nothing comes uninvited into our experience. It either comes because we want it or because we don’t want it.

The sacred laws care not about what we want – they only care about where our attention goes. In other words, life does not ever happen to us, but always through us. Truly everything is radiated from within.

And so all that comes is uniquely designed for us to keep moving to higher and higher levels of consciousness. As divine gifts and blessings of transformation.

In realizing this, we learn to be grateful for every single thing that happens in our life. So whenever you find yourself in a seeming predicament or calamity – raise the gaze to the level of gratitude and blessings.

Raise the gaze beyond it – to that which you desire

The next level of raising the gaze is to go beyond the undesired and instead turn our attention to that which we do desires.

This means seeing with the eye behind the eye. Seeing that which cannot yet be seen in the material world.

As stated above, energy flows where attention goes, and so we need to raise the gaze, i.e. our attention to that which we desire to manifest.

Through spiritual practice such as affirmative prayer, visioning, meditation, and gratitude we keep our attention fixed upon that which already exists in the infinite mind of God – in the form of potential.

We need to do all that is called upon us to do in order to become a vibrational match to that which we desire.

As long as we keep vibrating at the frequency of the undesired, the undesired will keep manifesting itself in our lives. And there is no portal or way through for that which we desire to emerge.

We need to raise our vibration to the frequency of the desired and once that level of frequency is our predominant vibration – there is nothing that can stand in our way from manifesting the desired.

Regardless of what our present circumstances may be like.

The Holy Now is the binoculars permitting us to see the ever expanding good

Time is only an illusion. Time does not really exist, other than as a human-made mental construct – to log and keep track of our experiences.

In the infinite mind of God, everything is already in existence. As we learn to become present, moving out of time, which is where the ego resides, we move into the eternal.

As we move into the Holy Now we go beyond time and may catch a glimpse of the eternal.

In the eternal we are never bound by our circumstances and so there it is easy to raise the gaze to whatever we desire to experience.

The art of meditation is a powerful practice to help anchor ourselves in the Holy Now. It is only as we move out of time, that we may go beyond and above the fear, worry and doubt that is a part of the egoic illusion.

At all times, there is always something to be grateful for, and the law is that the more we are grateful the more we will receive to be grateful for.

That is law.


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